Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

best basketball shoes for flat feet

How does it feel when you cannot get something done satisfactorily? Awful, right?

Sadly, basketball players with flat feet are all too familiar with this feeling. They can’t play the beautiful game without being plagued by excruciating pain. Dang you flat feet!

However, be glad, for we have come up with a foolproof remedy to your dilemma, and that is having you select from the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

We have compiled a list that contains the most suitable kicks for flat-footed players like yourself.

Adidas CloudFoam Basketball Shoe

  • Quality budget shoe
  • Adequate support and ankle stability
  • Perform both indoor and outdoor action
Reebok Royal Bb4500 Basketball Shoe

  • Budget-friendly regular price
  • Perfect for wide flat feet guys
  • Ankle supported based shoes
Under Armor 3Zero Basketball Shoe

  • Provides excellent grip
  • Delivers excellent ankle support
  • Highly durable and fine in outdoor conditions.
ASICS Gel- Spotlyte-U Sneaker

  • Reliable ankle support system
  • Excellent air circulation and comfort
  • Great traction, quality, and durability
Nike Air Force 1 Basketball Shoe

  • Mid collar keeps ankle covered
  • Perforations provide ventilation
  • Padding at collar for a snug, comfortable fit
Under Armour Drive 4

  • Amazing traction
  • Durable, reinforced lace loops
  • Support make jumping and running a lot easier.
Adidas Dame Basketball Shoes

  • Shock Absorption
  • Unique Outsole
  • Suitable for wide-foot players
Adidas Crazy 8 Sneaker

  • All-court domination
  • EVA foam for a better cushioning effect
  • Extra protection and support for ankle and heel.
Jordan Spike Forty Basketball Shoes

  • Herringbone pattern affords excellent traction
  • Eye-catching reflective materials
Nike Soldier XII Basketball Shoes

  • Suitable for wide flat feet players
  • Interlocking Straps
  • Curved Midsole for arch support
Nike Soldier XI Basketball Shoes

  • Excellent lockdown because of Lace-Less
  • Excellent Grip & Stability
  • Built For Performance

10 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Have you been having struggles identifying the basketball footwear that will suit your needs? Don’t fret. This list below presents a detailed look into eleven of the best kicks for you.

1. The Adidas Cloud Foam Basketball Shoe

It’s a mid-cut super cool shoe that can also be worn as streetwear. It’s not for the court alone.

Lightweight and Versatile

It is incredibly light footwear that encourages swift movement due to the fantastic construction process it was taken through.

The versatility it offers based on its design, alongside the relevant functionality, make it one of the best youth basketball shoes for flat feet.

Well Ventilation

The top is formed by top quality long-lasting leather with little openings while the toe cap and collars are made of textile materials for superb foot ventilation.


There is a bouncy Cloud foam cushioning within the shoe. This cushioning effect provides great anchor and support for your foot which enables you to stand for an extended period without feeling major aches on your foot.

EVA Midsole

A well-padded midsole provides comfort like no other. The predominant material here is the popular EVA. With it, you have a supportive structure that raises the foot and makes movement more comfortable and less painful for those with flat foot.

Superb Traction

To wrap it up, this mid-top sneaker gets it famous grip from the action the incredibly effective rubber sole.

The zigzag model on the sole offers the sort of traction that cannot be acquired from most basketball shoes. Outdoor and indoor courts are no match for the durable sole.


  • There is a roomy toe box you cannot ignore
  • Constructed using the best approach and materials available, so durability and efficiency are guaranteed
  • The cloud foam cushioning supports the foot in a way that allows you to stay on your feet for long periods without feeling excessive pain usually connected to flat feet


  • Flexibility of the leather used in constructing the shoe’s top is questionable
  • The laces break easily
  • It produces a squeaking sound that many might consider being annoying

2. Reebok Royal Bb4500 basketball shoe

And finally, we have arrived at the last product on our list of the best men’s basketball shoes for wide flat feet. This exquisite sneaker is by no means the least desirable on our list. It’s a masterpiece in its own right.

Premium Build

The all too familiar mixture of premium leather and mesh pops up again. These materials form the structure of the sneaker. The top of the shoe has well-spaced perforations for the aeration of the foot.

It has a unique lace system that fosters easy lacing. You can slip it on quickly and have your laces down in a heartbeat.

Mid-cut Design

Overall stability and support are catered for through the footwear’s excellent mid-cut design. The ankles are supported by the cushioning mechanism within the shoe that consists of a soft removable sock liner.

This implies that in situations where medically prescribed orthopedic aids are to be introduced to your footwear, the Royal sneaker can comfortably accommodate them. You would not need to get “special” basketball shoes.

Great Traction

The rubber outsole provides gum-like traction that can hardly be matched by any other basketball shoe out there. Balance is crucial since you do not want to aggravate the condition of your foot, and this footwear guarantees that.


  • It has a comfortable feel to it.
  • Provides an exquisite support mechanism for your ankle.
  • The grip on this sneaker is simply phenomenal. Across various surfaces, including metallic ones, you’re good to go.


  • The soles are considered to be excessively soft, and this can result in instability under certain conditions.
  • Front of the shoe could also do with more cushioning to support the forefoot.

3. Under Armor 3zero Basketball Shoe

Here’s a cool pair of basketball shoes with maximum functionality. Every of the shoe’s feature is relevant to the goal of creating an overall delightful experience for the wearer. Let’s take a look at what this pair packs.


The entire setup is a durable one due to the materials used in constructing this beauty. You will find a mesh fabric forming the bulk of the shoe’s framework. It is just great because of how it facilitates ventilation and keeps the feet dry during the action.

This mesh material is known to be prone to wear and tear, so it has been reinforced with nylon in a bid to make the shoe sturdier while also enhancing its flexibility.


One pertinent thing basketball shoe buyers look out for is a shoe’s midsole structure. You have nothing to worry about the reliability of its midsole. It’s top-notch. The setup includes a Micro-G material.

Some people might find it heavy, but it provides a better bounce that ensures you have maximum protection when landing. Besides the protection provided by the midsole is the incredible balance it offers.

People often complain of the excessive hardness or softness of their shoe’s midsole, but the manufacturers of the men’s Zero shoe have ensured no such complaints can be made about their masterpiece.

The structure ensures there is a decent balance in the texture of the midsole, allowing the shoe to provide exceptional balance and at the same time, ample protection for your ankles.

Ankle Support

Players are always worried about their ankles. Any slight wobble or could lead to a serious injury, so they are always on the hunt for kicks with dependable ankle support, and this footwear fits the bill.

The collar is adjustable and provides extra protection for the ankles. How does this work? Well, distinctive eyelets have been smartly inserted in the shoes to facilitate this process.

All you need do is pass the shoelaces through them, and then pull tightly. The eyelets automatically bunch up, moving the collar closer to your heel and creating a tighter grip, thus creating a great anchor for your ankles.

There is no need to bother about pausing to adjust the collar or lace up the shoes again from time to time. This is because the laces hold the entire structure together firmly for as long as you wish.

Traction & Safety

The outer sole is made of robust rubber and beneath it is a herringbone traction pattern that supplies excellent grip on the court. This is what you find on most basketball shoes, so it isn’t out of this world but it is worthy of note that this one is effective.

You will have no worries about losing your footing, especially on clean courts. The heels have a little padded feel to them and are reinforced by crash pads that help to absorb the shock caused by heavy landings. With these, your knees and back are safe.


  • Adjustable collars that provide extra support and protection for your ankles.
  • This pair boasts of a stylish design that is truly eye-catching.
  • Provides excellent grip, especially on clean courts.
  • Highly durable and can do just fine in outdoor conditions.


  • It becomes a little slippery on dusty courts and requires regular wiping to get the dirt out of the outsole’s grooves to maintain traction.

4. ASICS Gel- Spotlyte-U sneaker

The sneaker also sets itself apart as one of the best men’s basketball shoes for flat feet with its excellent design.

Good Support

Its coverings are made from long-lasting suede material mixed with artificial leather that works together to ensure the shoe supplies great support for the foot in every area.

Comfortable Build

The mid-top design gives the ankle extra protection compared to other available basketball shoes. It has well-reinforced toe cap and collar that create a comfy fit for the foot. You will also find perforations at the top of the toe box to aid air circulation.

Replaceable Insoles

Its insoles can be extracted so you can always buy more comfortable or better fitting ones and insert them.

Shock Absorption

Shock absorbers are present at the heels and front to reduce the effect of landing on your ankles, knees and back. Coupled with these is thick support at the rear for the ankles.

You can count on all these features to see to it that your foot has all it needs to survive the rigorous exertions connected to the beautiful game.


Finally, the sole has a durable rubber finishing that can take numerous beatings from any court.


  • A reliable ankle support system
  • Excellent air circulation and comfort
  • Superb reinforcements in the toe box and collar that impute ease


  • It weighs more than your average basketball shoe.

5. The Nike Air force 1 basketball shoe

This shoe provides a superb mixture of style, practicality and durability.

Ankle Support

The top of the shoe is formed by a combination of fine leather and textile material. An ankle strap is connected to the side to anchor the ankle. With this, your ankle will be nicely held in place to prevent wobbly movement.


There are little openings on the toe box to aid airflow and keep the feet dry during action, thus providing well-ventilated footwear that doesn’t harbor heat or undue moisture.

Shock Absorption

You will find around the middle of the shoe’s sole, a lofty and springy cushion that helps absorb shock from impact and also gives you a bouncy feeling. It adds a spring to your steps.

Better Control

There are slightly raised points on the heel and front of the footwear that encourages quick change in direction and deft movement because of the control they provide for the user.


  • It has a stylish and attractive look
  • Gives you incredible control and balance needed for quick movements
  • The ankle strap provides extra support for your ankle


  • The leather is prone to folding over time

6. Under Armor Drive 4

You’re out for comfortable shoes that will allow you enjoy your favorite game without pain but who says the shoe shouldn’t be cool too?

These kicks provide both practicality and aesthetics because of their peachy design. What other features make it stand out?


Basketball shoes should be light for easy carriage and the manufacturers of Drive 4 considered this while selecting the materials for the footwear.

A huge chunk of the shoe is made of the combination of light mesh material and neoprene. This delicate mixture produces a lightweight and incredibly comfy footwear.

Good Fit

The shoe fits just fine, giving your feet ample space to move around while preventing your toes from being bunched up.

No need to worry about your feet having too much space within the shoe. Durable laces are available to lock down your feet firmly.

EVA Soles

With the insoles and midsoles made of EVA, the inner parts have a supple feel to them. It’s like numerous squishy cushions are caressing your feet. This is the pampering your feet deserve, don’t you think?

Control and Stability

Attached to the shoe’s outsole is thick rubber that doesn’t wear quickly. The herringbone pattern on the sole is setup to dispel dust. This and the footwear’s wide base gives you great control and stability even on dusty outdoor courts.

The heel area provides a perfect cushioning effect because of the rubber-like material it is made of. It gives you the soft landing your feet, ankles, knees and back really need.

Excellent Traction

You are definitely wondering what mechanism has been put in place to ensure you don’t slip in these shoes. Well, the sole has a heel counter that works together with the grooves beneath the shoe to give you superb traction.


  • The shoe boasts of durable outsoles with magnificent traction.
  • Its super light, so it makes jumping and running smooth.
  • Highly comfortable materials used in making the insole and midsole.
  • Effective laces, and overall structure locks down the feet firmly to promote comfort.
  • Stability and support aren’t a problem due to the footwear’s wide base.


  • The laces are considered to be too short

7. Adidas Dame Basketball Shoes

This footwear’s layout makes it suitable for wide-foot players.

Comfortable Fit

The interaction between the mesh and leather used for the insides and outer parts gives an overall snug but comfortable feeling. The shoe expands with your foot, creating an exact fit without necessarily hugging your foot tightly.

Also, the shoe’s lace system pulls up the supple areas of the shoe around the foot. The result is a well locked down foot.

Shock Absorption

These kicks come with a springy cushion that runs through the entire length of the shoes. It allows excellent impact shock management and adds a bounce to ensure you continue the motion without losing so much of your rhythm.

Exceptional Build

The sides are sufficiently padded with squishy materials for exceptional support and balance for your foot. This also includes the area where your toes and the balls of your feet rest.

Here you have an additional flexible mesh material to give your forefoot enough wiggle room.

Unique Outsole

How about the outsole? It is great! The transparent sole is made of rubber or gum-like materials with a uniquely designed traction model that gives you great grip even on dusty courts.

What makes the pattern unique is the more profound and wider grooves on the sole. Their size ensures they do not hold onto dust and also give room for quick acceleration.


  • Fitting for players with wide feet.
  • Has a peculiar traction pattern that improves its efficiency on various courts and in diverse conditions.
  • Cushioning system provides extra bounce and protection from impact shock.


  • The material at the shoe top is known to harbor dirt easily.
  • Prone to little slips on dusty courts.

8. The Adidas Crazy 8 sneaker

A footwear that allows its wearer to produce delightful performances on the court. The precision used in setting up the features distinguishes this sneaker and puts it in a class of its own.

Excellent Build

The leather found at the top of the shoe is flexible and takes the shape of the foot wrapped within its confinement. With this, you are not looking at an uncomfortable tight feeling but a perfect fit that allows smooth movement.

This feature is as important as it allows the foot to move as fluidly as possible while eliminating slips and other hitches. Another outstanding quality is the reinforcement of the toe box and collar with a foam-like device, a quality that assures your foot of top-notch comfort.

Ankle and Heel Support

There are straps attached to the bottom of the heels, and these straps have eyelets that laces can go through. They are positioned on the forefoot, and they pull the ankle collar closer to the heels when tightened by the laces passed through them.

In other words, you have extra protection and support for your ankle and heel.

Comfortable Fit & Feel

The flattened midsole has EVA foam for a better cushioning effect, and the function of the edges on it is to improve the shoe’s ability to help the player change directions quickly on the court. The round shape of the midsole allows it to wrap itself around your foot better and higher than the midsole of most basketball shoes.

This means the footwear comes with a much more stable internal environment. And that is just what you need to ensure that your foot does not have to deal with any unnecessary additional stress.


Like many other highly rated basketball shoes for men with flat feet, the outsole of the Crazy Eight sneaker is also made of supple rubber that can last long under outdoor and indoor conditions.

You will find the widely used herringbone pattern beneath its outsole, although the grooves of this particular model are not widely spaced.


  • Its efficient lacing mechanism locks the foot down firmly
  • Comfy insides, including the midsole and insole, allow usage for an extended period with minimal discomfort recorded
  • Flatness of the midsole allows the foot to be much closer to the court, thus giving you more control and stability
  • Overall shape and broad midsole also contribute to the stability the footwear gives
  • Long-lasting leather forms the bulk of the outer structure


  • The traction model used in for the outsole does not enhance excellent grip because the protrusions are not enough to produce the level of friction required for high-class grip
  • Firmness around the ankle region is reduced due to the lack of eyelets on the collar for laces to pace through. The ankle region feels a bit too loose because the lace cannot go around it and foster tightness

9. Jordan Spike Forty Basketball Shoes

This high-top sneaker is right up there with the best. The entire entity was put together using premium materials.

Good Looks

The top is made out of expertly woven mesh material with leather that gives it a truly unique look. Fine eye-catching reflective materials also garnish the collar and back of the shoe. It’s a fancy pair of shoes.

Lightweight and Grip

The midsole is made of a material which is lightweight that aids effortless carriage. Plus, its outsole is finished with an effective herringbone pattern for an excellent grip.


The insides are expertly padded to improve comfort for the foot while the laces are structured to remain taut even under immense action.


  • Its unique herringbone pattern affords excellent traction.
  • The nice cushioning system makes the shoe super comfy.
  • Permits airflow for the foot due to the slightly perforated material covering the top.


  • The covering for the top is a bit too thin and wears quickly.

10. The Nike Soldier XII Basketball shoes

Here you have an equally exquisite sneaker for basketball players with its unique features making it one of the best basketball shoes for wide flat feet.

Interlocking Straps

It’s another basketball kicks without laces. Instead it has neat interlocking straps that not only hold the foot in place but also add beauty to the shoe’s overall appearance. These straps are stretchable and can be adjusted to fixate the foot in the shoe to the wearer’s ankle.

Comfortable Build

The top is also made of a round-knit textile fabric mixed with neoprene that promotes stability. Consider this alongside the flexibility that the materials bring to the shoe, and you have comfy footwear.

Curved Midsole

Want to hear its best feature? These shoes have a curved midsole designed to support the arch of the foot! It’s perfect for basketball players with flat feet. Moving in, it is comfortable and painless.

Yes, this one has your name written all over it, right? There’s more. The midsole is slightly elevated to improve balance and decrease the possibility of you slipping in the middle of intense action.

Superb Grip

Everything about this footwear seems perfect, and so does the grip. The outsole is made of rubber or gum.

A multi-directional traction pattern with deep grooves adorns the bottom of the sole and creates the friction needed between the sole of the shoe and the ground for wearers to maintain stability while moving.


  • Sturdy midfoot straps that keep the foot stable.
  • It can be lifted easily due to its lightweight.
  • Elevated midsole contributes significantly to the stability of the shoe.
  • Curved midsole also offers significant support for the arch of the foot, making the shoe suitable for people with broad or flat feet.


  • The straps do not stay in place for a long time
  • Somewhere around the mid-section is so narrow, and this greatly affects the overall stability the shoe offers.

11. The Nike Soldier XI basketball shoes

This is genuinely elite footwear based on the technology used in crafting it. Its structure also makes it suitable for whatever playing style you can think of.


It’s a laceless shoe that provides excellent lockdown all the same. There are four straps at the top that hold the foot down well and can be adjusted to give the desired snugness.

Built for Performance

A part of the material includes a nylon mesh that covers the toe cap. Nylon mesh sounds flimsy, right? The material is anything but that. It’s thick enough to last for long. A thinner version slightly covers a part of the toe box to provide ventilation for your feet.

That’s not all; the footwear has been designed with an extensive base to hold the materials and supply support and stability to the wearer. Also, you get the luxury of performing quick and sharp turns and stops without the fear of losing your balance.


Get ready to have your mind blown. A feature that makes the Soldier Eleven stand out is its high responsiveness due to the materials used in constructing the midsole.

A unique combination of impressive technology and top-notch materials placed in the forefoot and heels help absorb shock, provide great flexibility to the shoes and give you an incredible bouncy feeling.

Excellent Grip & Stability

The triangular pattern of the traction facilitates its super-tight grip on most surfaces. You won’t be slipping easily in these kicks.

The finishing includes a soft material that provides extra support to the ankles and a flat outsole with tough rubber that enhances solid stability.


  • Laceless structure saves time and allows you to put it on with much ease.
  • The straps secure the foot well.
  • Besides, the unique technology applied spurs an awe-inspiring level of responsiveness from the shoes.


  • There’s an additional ankle strap that provides no support. It appears to be an unnecessary feature.

Bottom Line

So we have gone through various sections of information and all point to one fact; your flat feet do not have to hinder you from enjoying the game you are in love with. Heck, we have had flat-footed athletes who made it big time. Don’t go looking for a less strenuous hobby you really do not like. You can win this battle.

Use the guide provided in this article and go in search of a basketball shoe that meets your needs. Get the best basketball shoes for flat feet, pick up your remaining gear and show flat feet and your mates who the king of the court is.

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