Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

For an athlete, giving the best performance in every game is their first and foremost priority while playing. And to perform well, it is essential to have the right gear and accessories, especially the right kind of shoes.

This process can be a little tedious as finding the proper shoes for each athlete differs from one to another.Besides, there are many factors to be considered before purchasing, in terms of levels of comfort, performance, and wide fit.

For those who have broad feet, regular shoes would increase the chances of getting blisters during the game and are, therefore, in need of wide foot-friendly shoes. So, as a solution to this problem, we have enlisted the best basketball shoes for wide feet below.

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

If you’re looking for the best bet for your money, then here is a list of our carefully cataloged best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes– Best Breathable Basketball Shoes

Presenting yourself with the best look is another way of getting attention from fans. Stylish shoes packed with necessary qualities are always the best option, and Beita High Upper shoes are top in the list. It is highly recommended for your benefit.

It is vital to have control over your feet as the maintenance of a firm grip decides your chance of winning. The rubber outsole with its unique design lets you jump and run confidently; it prevents you from skidding.

Moreover, decreasing the likelihood of accidents it ensures another match. Footwear must be waterproof to eliminate all the ways that might destroy the texture.Your feet get sweaty after running for sometimes, resulting in uncomfortable wear.

The mesh design is significant as it ensures the natural air movement in and out to keep your feet dry. It is considered as the breathable pattern allowing you a comfortable foot positioning; also, removing the chance of pungent smell.

For being able to perform specific stunts, your feet must be positioned accurately. Your ankle should receive the highest support as it bears maximum pressure. Indeed, it is possible due to the molded heel shielding feature. It gives a perfect shape to fit inside the pair and prevents sore feet.

Moreover, smooth leather makes it resistant to damage due to casual wear and harsh use. You do not have to change your favorite ones after short use. The exclusive color and design are additions to its unique features.


  • Its breathable membrane prevents the formation of moisture
  • Your strong grip keeps you stable throughout the game
  • The heel lets the pressure of your legs to spread evenly
  • Its marvelous design is a trending one


  • The shoes are a bit heavier than the others

Adidas Harden Vol. 2 Shoe Man’s Basketball – Good Airflow

Want to be known as a fashionable basketball player? Searching in the market and wasting time looking for a pair to stand out amidst other participants is challenging. End your search and go for the Adidas harden Vol. 2 basketball shoes.

It is not only the court where you have to keep your shoes on; you might have to wade through water wearing these. The synthetic and knit materials are used to keep your favorite one protected from damage.

You need better flexibility and stability because both are crucial. You need to be able to stretch your toes and place your feet in an accurate position, and this pair offers just that. They prevent feet ache and let you play for a longer time.

Moreover, the breathability is significantly improved. Wet feet will not cause a disturbance. The least amount of moisture forms inside the pair as the air circulation is rapid. It is also responsible for making it lightweight for faster movements. You can comfortably play until you wish.

However, even the mesh design gives the sole a definite structure.This form makes the movement of air more accurate. Due to the outsole, your grip is firmer. There is less chance of you to slip on the smooth surface. Though it has reduced friction, the sole’s rough exterior holds the floor.

Its heeledankle keeps your ankle relaxed. The heel is too comfortable for any pain or weakness. It does not get rubbed by the interior surface and resists your feet from slipping off.


  • As it is waterproof, it is not restricted within specific areas
  • It is highly durable due to its fantastic fabric
  • You will not slip easily as the grip is pretty secured
  • Its membrane keeps your feet dry


  • You might not like the quality of the lace

Adidas Performance Men’s CloudfoamIlation Basketball Shoe – Lightweight & Comfortable

Exceptional shoes take away the credit of most of the winners of basketball. If they are chosen precisely, winning becomes easy as the pair boosts up some confidence within the participant. Adidas CloudfoamIlationshoe is an example of such footwear.

Your foot placement is an essential fact to be maintained. Leather shoes’ flexibility allows feet of different width to be easily fit. Toes will not get stuck at the front and can be stretched until you feel comfortable.

This cover of leather acts as a shield to sudden hit due to its thickness; it minimizes the chance of injury. Moreover, you can easily wash it without harming its quality.

Furthermore, the back of the pair is heightened to an appropriate level; it is essential to prevent your ankle from scratches. As you have to go through specific moves, its sock liner and midsole provide significant cushioning, making it lightweight. Therefore, it allows you to play with full focus.

The knitted upper, air mesh tongue and collar prevent slippage, ensuring improved breathability. As you have to wear it for a considerable time, moisture gathers around your feet. The membrane allows a continuous movement of air in and out to resist it, keeping your feet fresh.

Due to the rubber sole, you can stand firmly on the slippery floor. Even on a wet surface, you have firm control. Three white stripes are painted on both sides of the shoes to give a unique appearance to it.


  • It is easy to maintain due to its low weight
  • Your feet will not be slippery due to sweat formation
  • Leather provides all the necessary features to ensure durability
  • The shaft measurement is perfect


  • Dust is visible in black color

Adidas D Lillard 2 – Official Basketball Shoe of the City of Oakland

It is a waste of money if you fail to recognize the best basketball shoes for wide feet and welcome lousy luck. Your choice of Adidas D Lillard 2 is the most satisfactory one to help you win the match as it is a perfect example of comfort.

After playing continuously for hours, your feet start to sweat, or as air fails to exit the shoes, moisture forms. It makes you feel uncomfortable and might cause slippage. The pair has mesh upper to allow a frequent air circulation that prevents dampness. It is possible due to its breathable membrane.

The synthetic material is crucial to make waterproof shoes. You cannot always be careful from water to protect it. Furthermore, you can wash it whenever you want

Therefore, having this unique feature allows you to be more focused on the game than on footwear. Its thickness absorbs the shock of a hit, keeping your legs safe. Performing stunts become more relaxed as it is lightweight.

AdiPrene technology has performed its best to provide the best support to your heels. It has strengthened the cushioning property to let you run at ease; otherwise, the back of the heel becomes sore.

The introduction of Torsion technology means the increased adaptation of feet to the inner sole of the footwear. Its thermoplastic edge gives you full support to place your feet at any surface. Whatever or however the roughness is, you will boost up with confidence.


  • The mesh design works its best to let you play comfortably
  • Due to new technologies, you can enjoy the facilities
  • Its waterproof ability keeps you tense-free
  • Being shock-absorbent, it keeps you safe


  • You might not like the color of shoes.

Adidas Originals Men’s Pro-Bounce – Responsive Basketball Shoe

Do you not want to perform your best in the match and stand-out from others? For this, your pair must have a sturdy grip over any surface and help you keep balance. It can only be possible if you buy Adidas Originals Pro-Bounce, which is from the top basketball shoes for wide feet.

Due to the use of Geofit technology, you can wear the most comfortable shoes. Its modified cushioning ability is highly appreciative.The back of the heel starts aching after a considerable time of running. Therefore, this distinctive trait prevents this pain, evenly distributing the whole pressure of your body.

You can stretch your toes and locate your feet accurately as extra paddings are available.

Furthermore, the TPU-coated fiber reduces stress on your feet. It decreases the weight of the product, which is crucial. If you cannot move properly or feel a burden while lifting your legs, you cannot play properly. Moreover, it also provides extra support. You can even wash it whenever you want.

The synthetic sole is perfect for stability. It provides an efficient breathable membrane to let you have dry feet. If it is not there, you can slip off while playing. So, the design circulates air in and out and keeps you safe.

Sometimes, an athlete does not even want to feel the pressure of eyelets. The webbing ones are lighter and do not cause extra weight. To be able to wear at all seasons comfortably, the rubber soles are the best choice.


  • The new technology provides a soft surface for your feet
  • As it is lightweight, you can jump comfortably
  • Its waterproof quality allows you to keep your pair clean
  • The design of the eyelets is precise


  • It has no ankle pull tab

Champion Men’s Inferno Basketball Shoe – Non-Marking Sole

If you want to play with confidence wearing the best basketball shoes for wide flat feet, then grab Champion Men’s Inferno Basketball Shoes. This product has not only exclusive design but also exceptional traits to cross overall your desires.

The mesh design has a crucial contribution to your success. It is challenging to walk if you feel dampness inside your shoes. As the moisture cannot escape, it gathers inside.

This design includes an upgraded breathable membrane, which ensures the entry of air to dry your feet and prevent slippage. Therefore, you can train for a long time, providing you a comparatively soothing journey.

When you are in a hurry, you want everything to be done flawlessly without wasting a single bit of time. Even the minor elements need attention for punctuality. With the help of the ankle pull tab, you can quickly put on or take off your shoes. Moreover, the tab is stitched firmlytoo to ensure durability.

The insole is also given attention to make you relieved from specific body pain. It is padded to protect you from any injuries. The heel needs specialized care that is provided by paddings as it bears maximum pressure. Just above the heel, you might suffer from pain, so the collar is padded to give maximum support.

Moreover, no dust can enter the pair due to the perfect length of the shaft; therefore, no irritation while performing. Due to the help of a non-marking sole, you can be confident about your steps.


  • Your grip is maintained firmly by the non-marking sole
  • The mesh design is essential for smooth wear
  • Your work is more accessible due to the ankle pull tab
  • For providing you the best inner structure, padded collars are added


  • The eyelets are not correctly designed

Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe – Good Ventilation

Your performance depends on your choice of footwear. All the desired qualities of shoes have high chances of bringing you success. Along with success, if you want to be recognized as a stylish person, then no choice can be better than Under Armour 3Zero basketball shoe.

Within affordable prices, the anti-microbial OrthoLite sock liner provides you exceptional benefits for the best performance. Its flexible insole takes the shape of your feet, resulting in an accurate fit.

Your feet do not feel pressure from the surroundings. Moreover, its breathability removes the moisture and allows quick circulation of air in and out of the pair.

Furthermore, even after long and random use, the insole retains its thickness; it saves your money. The crucial thing is to be able to wash insole. You might have to play while it’s raining or mistakenly dip into the mud. Therefore, as it is waterproof, you can rinse it in every way you want.

The heel is perfectly shaped to bear the weight of your whole body. For the proper and stable placement of feet, the heel’s height is a significant fact. Furthermore, the midsole is cushioned by the Micro-G process to prevent rashes or pain. You can continue practicing for an extended period.

Slippage is the occurrence that should be prevented. You must have a firm grip over all types of surfaces to be able to play in any field. Thus, the outsole’s structure is so confined that you can enjoy every single move without being afraid of fall.


  • You can do critical stunts as you have firm control
  • The cushioned area protects your feet from scratches
  • Being lightweight, you will not feel burdened
  • As it is waterproof, you can keep the insole clean


  • The back part of the heel could be a bit long

Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe – Good Traction

Some shoes though having exceptional qualities, weighs more than required. If you are looking for light footwear that will be a perfect fit for your wide feet, we can recommend you Under Armour Jet basketball shoe,the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Your feet start sweating after sometimes. Due to the formation of moisture, you might even feel itchy. Moreover, as you explore the dampness, you might lose focus from the match. So, this problem is reduced by the mesh tongue to allow the entry of air inside the pair.

If you want a lightweight pair of shoes, then it must be made up of synthetic material. You will not feel any burden while lifting your legs and so, can perform your best.

This material ascends the breathable quality of the surface and lets you keep your feet dry. Moreover, any wide feet can easily fit into the pair due to the material. Its thickness makes it endure any attack and be restraint towards damage.

The outsole has the herringbone traction pattern to have exceptional control over your feet and runs across any surfaces. It is essential to be able to operate your motion, and for this, the outsole plays a vital role in ensuring stability.

Furthermore, the outsole is made up of rubber that also assures stabilized movement, especially on wet surfaces. It is wear-resistant; therefore, ensuring durability. The EVA sock liner is sturdy enough to bear the whole pressure and result in comfortable moves.


  • The sock liner can bear all the pressure
  • You will not feel slippery and lose control over the feet
  • It gets molded according to the shape of your feet
  • You will have a firm grip over terrain


  • There is no heel support

Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker – Flexible & Stable

If you are attracted to white footwear and desperate to buy it, then the Nike Air Force 1 is the best option. A White pair with all the desired features makes it highly recommendable. You will be amazed by its abilities to provide you the best wear.

This product has the touch of both the leather and synthetic material. Both ensure its durability, making it wear-resistant. It is more flexible compared to others and lets you stretch your toes to take the shape of the shoe.

So, you can feel comfortable while running or walking. As a result of being lightweight, it is effortless to show stunts to the audience.

Moreover, you can clean it whenever you want. Its water-resistive quality ensures the permanence of the texture. However, the rubber sole is the most appropriate inclusion.

The sole’s structure is perfectly designed to have sturdy control over all types of surfaces. Its thickness makes it shock-absorbent. You can even walk over a snowy surface with full confidence.

The shaft measurement from the arch is about 3.22”. Due to this length, the entry of debris or liquid gets blocked. You will not get scratched on the back of your heel to a specific height.

Furthermore, it has perforated toe to let the intake of air and keep your feet dry. This is vital to prevent the formation of any rashes or to make you feel comfortable. Its white color makes it suitable to be worn with a dress of any color.


  • The white color is appreciated by all
  • It protects you from a sudden injury
  • The ventilation is maintained by the perforations
  • It ensures stability throughout your trip


  • The width of the shoes is a bit narrower

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi – Comfortable Fit

To satisfy yourself, you have to choose such a product that is going to show its magic to everyone and last for a very long time. If you still have not thought of any other pair, then do not lose the opportunity of buying the Nike Air Visi Pro Vi.

The Visible Nike Air Unit keeps your heel scratch-free as its cushioned surface is very smooth and comfortable. You do not have to remove your shoes for a couple of times to keep your heel stress-free. Moreover, you will not feel pain after jumping and can practice for an extended period.

Furthermore, the collar is made of foam to add more coziness in your wear. As time passes, your feet get surrounded by moisture. Its intensity increases in the summer season. The forefoot is provided with perforations to avoid this problem. It allows a continuous movement of air in and out, keeping your feet dry and fresh.

As the shaft length is about 2.92”, you do not have to worry about opening your shoes and removing debris from it. Therefore, your working rate will not be affected. Moreover, the rubber sole allows you to run across the most slippery places.

Your stability ensures your safety and boosts you up for daring performance. As it is water-resistant, it will not lose its texture.

Additionally, due to the synthetic fiber, you can use it under severe conditions. Its thickness reduces the impact of a sudden attack. This feature is an essential one as you feel the least pain while playing.


  • You do not have to buy another pair after playing for a short period
  • The sole enables you to walk over any surface
  • For keeping your feet dry, perforations are provided
  • Due to the cushioned surface, you will not feel pressure on your feet


  • There is no padding inside

Nike Men’s Air Versitile Ii Basketball Shoe – Premium Textile Material

No matter how better you play, a significant part of your success depends upon your footwear. You have to choose very carefully the pair that has essential features to let you win. The Nike Air Versitile Ii is a good option that can be added to your list.

It is crucial to be able to jump or perform specific stunts. Lightweight shoes should get the priority to let that happen. Therefore, Fly wire cables are included in certain areas to reduce their weight. You will not feel pressure on your feet and can play for an extended period.

Additionally, the premium textile material is added to reduce the pain on your heel due to the rough contact between it and the surrounding part. As the surface is smooth and soft, no scratch can form on it.

However, the shaft is till the mid-top, covering the required part with the cushioned surface. It will block the entry of any debris or dirt and keep your feet clean.

The outsole is made of rubber and has a pattern of herringbone. Every time, you might fail to balance yourself, shoes play a crucial role. It holds the surface with all its strength to protect you from slipping.

Your firm grip over the coarse surface keeps you stable. Moreover, the thickness of the synthetic fiber is strong enough to absorb the maximum shock.


  • Your feet are always protected from sudden attacks
  • Due to the rubber sole, slipperiness gets prevented
  • The back of the heel is cushioned to make you feel at ease
  • It is lightweight


  • The white laces get dirty quickly

How to Choose the Best One – Wide Basketball Shoe?

With most of the well-known brands manufacturing wide feet basketball shoes, there is a large variety of options available at stores.

It is essential to choose from the best basketball shoes that meet all your requirements and is within your budget. And to ease the process of selection, we have cataloged a list of criteria to be kept in mind before you proceed.


It is necessary to take different shots and move around during the game. Therefore, you need to have a good amount of cushion in your shoes so that you are safe from any injury or strain on your feet. The added padding on your shoes provides your feet, especially the arch area, with comfort.

There are different methods employed when it comes to how the companies create the cushion in their shoes. Some companies use a double-layered support system, which is used from a thick layer of soft foam. Others use compressed air in addition to internal fibers to increase the reflective properties of the basketball shoes.

There are also ones that have soft padding incorporated with performance energy. The key feature of this type of basketball shoes is that it increases your ability to jump. For instance, the amount of power applied to the shoes will be amplified and help you bounce.

Shoe Material

Wearing a poorly constructed pair of shoes can cause more harm to the soles of your feet than you could imagine. Irrespective of whether you are an athlete or not, for wide feet, it is essential that you wear shoes that can stretch well. Especially when they are being worn for an extended period.

It is also essential to keep in mind to look for the ones where the upper are made out of breathable material so that there is a proper amount of air circulation.

For example, if you select a pair where the fabric of the upper has leather, it would be very constricting and suffocating for your feet, even if you wear it for a short period. Apart from this, it will also cause you to sweat more frequently than usual.

Therefore, it would be preferable for you to opt for a material or fabric for the upper that is constructed out of mesh or woven material. This way, your feet are appropriately ventilated.

These days most of the manufacturers make use of two types of materials to produce the shoes, the knitted and flexible ones and then the non-flexible synthetic ones.

The pair made out of knitted material allows your feet to stretch out more than the synthetic ones. They wrap themselves around your feet, making them more ergonomic.

However, when the knitted shoes are used for an extended period or are used more frequently than usual, they eventually tend to wear out sooner than the synthetic ones. This aspect, in turn, would reduce the required amount of support that you would need while playing.

Traction and Sole Thickness

While playing basketball, you are required to apply many spontaneous swift moves and maneuvers such as slashing, cutting, and stopping. In such scenarios, the player is very much prone to the occurrence of unfortunate incidents such as sliding, slipping, or in worst cases, twisting the ankle or knee on the court.

Therefore, to avoid such disastrous situations from happening, you need to pay attention to the traction patterns on the sole of the shoes when you are selecting a pair for yourself. The higher the gripping ability of the shoes, the more it reduces accidents from taking place.

Also, if the soles have added thickness on the sides, they can increase the amount of stability of the shoes. This feature will allow you to make quick and sudden shifts, such as lateral running, and also shooting during the game without experiencing any form of difficulty in maneuvering on the court.

The Shape of the Shoe

Finding the right size of basketball shoes can be problematic, especially for people with wide feet. Buying a pair that is narrow-toed or is tapered at the front would be extremely uncomfortable to wear.

Not only would it be very restrictive to wear, but at the same time, it would inadvertently escalate the chances of your feet to cramp while you use the shoes.

Therefore, to prevent your feet from any injuries that could be easily avoided, it is important to properly check the shape and the size of the shoes before you decide to purchase them.


Incurring ankle injuries is very common for any athlete while playing basketball. The game involves the application of several instantaneous jump shots and moves.

Therefore, you must equip yourself with shoes that provide the right amount of support, not only to your ankles but at the same time to your feet as well.A high- top shoe design minimizes the rotation of the ankle joint, and it also protects the knee and other areas of the leg from being injured as well.

Also, it gives the arch of the feet an appropriate amount of support. For wide feet, shoes with flat soles that are both soft and durable are better suited for you.


If you are working on a budget, buying good quality shoes on a limited expense can be tricky. Therefore, to put your troubles to ease, we have provided a wide range of good quality basketball shoes that are available at stores at an economical rate.

So, you can enjoy the comfort of wearing shoes with excellent features without worrying about making a significant expenditure.

Style and Quality

Basketball shoes come in a broad range of styles and quality. However, when it comes to choosing one over the other, excellence takes the lead. There are many types of styles available at stores such as low-cut, high-cut, and mid-cut shoes.

Though a high-cut pair of basketball shoes protect the legs from being injured during use, it can also become restrictive as it reduces the movement of the ankle joint. Therefore, when they are worn for a long time at a stretch, they can have an adverse effect on the ligaments by preventing them from stretching out.

When it comes to checking whether the quality of the product is on par with your preference, it is crucial to keep in mind the few basic features.

Especially the ones that are mentioned earlier, such as the amount of padding or cushioning, the material with which they are manufactured, the durability and the support of the shoes, their shape, and the traction pattern.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shoes is suitable for wide feet?

The quality of the shoes is paramount to check. They have to be breathable, durable, and also stretchable to increase the level of comfort for a person having wide feet.

Are there wide basketball shoes available?

Yes, we have listed a range of basketball shoes that are suited for the use of people with wide feet.

Are basketball shoes supposed to be tight?

The shoes should provide room for the toes to breathe and move around even if the fit is snug. It would be better to try them on while wearing socks when you are selecting them for purchase.

Is it necessary to wipe the bottom of the shoes?

The bottom of the shoes prevents them from being slippery on the court. The player has a better grip on his movements by removing the dust off from underneath his shoes.

How do I increase the grip of my basketball shoes?

There are many ways to increase the grip of the shoes. You may apply traction spray, ice grips, or you could spray the soles of the shoes with hairspray.

What is the maximum width of the basketball shoes available?

Sizes and dimensions of the shoes vary from brand to brand. Every brand specifically mentions the sizes that are available in their collections.

Bottom Line

Don’t worry if you have wide feet, there are plenty of people out there, and the manufacturers are now coming up with shoes made specifically for people with wide feet.

However, it is hard to find the right pair that are suitable for those who have wider feet. It’s not about the size only. There are other factors that come into play. So, we have provided you with the list of the best basketball shoes for wide feet above to help you in finding the right pair of shoes for you.

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