Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Basketball players have powerful feet and plantar region. But the pressure of fast directional changes can even damage those sturdy heels.

So, to give them the best support, you need to find the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Here, we have a list of top five sneakers in the market currently available for basketball players. Plus, we have also included a list of factors you need to be careful about when purchasing your sneaker.

Follow those instructions to have the best value out of your shoe. And if you don’t wanna do all the research, choose one of the top 7 products we have reviewed below.

7 Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis – Quick Comparison Table

Adidas Men’s Harden Vol 2 Basketball Shoe

  • Great Cushioning
  • Boost foam midsole
  • Relieves wide-footers from plantar pain
Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

  • Provides a plush ride
  • Responsive boost cushioning
  • Unique outsole pattern attracts less dirt
Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

  • Grippy rubber outsole
  • Springy Cloudfoam cushioning
  • Adequate support and ankle stability
Adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor Mid Basketball-Shoes

  • Cloudfoam cushioning
  • Well-padded removing plantar pain
  • Woven mesh material for very breathable
Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 6 Boost Basketball Shoe

  • Nice lacing system
  • Relieves flat-footers from plantar pain
  • Midsole cage with integrated EVA midsole
Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoes

  • ANA foam medial
  • Very good outsole and traction
  • Plantar region safeguard
Adidas Men’s Crazy Light Boost 2018 Basketball Shoes

  • Fantastic rubber outsole
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Perfect for plantar fasciitis problem guys

Reviews of The Best Basketball Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Here are sneakers we were talking about. Chances are high, you won’t find anything better than these. See for yourself and take the challenge!

1. Adidas Men’s Harden Vol 2 Basketball Shoe

The best thing about this pair of sneakers is fitting. You might tend to purchase shoes one or half size larger than what you need to get a perfect fit, but don’t do it with this one. Adidas matched this pair with the American size perfectly which is essential to reduce plantar inflammation.

But even if you purchase a size larger, it will not be a problem. The lock here is the best and the lacing system adjusts to your feet and gives you a perfect fitting. It also relieves wide-footers from plantar pain. You guys just need to order the regular size you order from Adidas, and everything should be fine.

The next important thing while playing basketball is traction. The outsole of the boot has a unique pattern like its predecessor; the Harden Vol 1. It will give you protection in multiple directions. But most of the outsole is flat. Some peaks on it would have been better.

The pattern of the outsole will catch some dust in it. This dust is the main reason that reduces traction. The people who are complaining about the grip should wipe the outsole now and then to have the best out of its rubber sole.

Here you have a full-length boost midsole providing you the best experience on hardwoods. It allows you to quickly change directions and have a better jump. And all of these without the risk of rolling your ankle.

You will have a feeling that the sole is propelling you pretty dynamically. This energy return is balanced by the stability that you don’t see a lot in other shoes.

The textile mesh upper is one of the most comfortable upper out there. This mesh doesn’t require any break-in time. The synthetic overlay infused with the lacing system gives it more strength and style.

This shoe also provides excellent support. And this lateral support is provided by the sturdy heels behind the shoe. If you are a guard, then you were always looking for this pair. This is what you need to prevent the painful aftermath.

Now, this might not be the best mashup out there, but it is undoubtedly among the top sports shoes. Among the 13 styles of this sneaker, purchase one with a white outsole which will make your cleaning process easier.


  • Traction in multiple direction
  • Boost foam midsole
  • Good stability
  • Best energy return
  • Very responsive


  • The outsole should have had some peaks
  • Outsole attracts dust

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

This is named the crazy explosive for a reason. And all this craziness comes with the safety of your heels. The whole medial side is open so that it can give you that extra boost that a general medial will not provide you. It expands and gives you that reflection of power.

On the lateral side, you will have a soft TPU rubber portion which embraces that particular side. It gives you the necessary stability needed for hardwood floors. The traction is great from every direction. Adidas is calling it the coral power traction. In addition to the traction, the outsole pattern also attracts less dirt.

The best thing about this shoe is its materials. If you have a pair of ultra-boost runners, you already know what I am talking about. The primate here is soft, stretchy and feels like your favourite blanket. More so, the neoprene type material inner bootie makes this one of the most comfortable and cushioned sneakers.

Adidas did really good with this shoe as this has no plastic or any heavy overlays. This is 100% textile and synthetic. Laces with a woven upper tend to cut into your skin but not with this product. Here, the solution was a soft rope lace.

Other than basketball, this sneaker is also perfect for the gym. It will help you run faster and jump higher just like you would in a court. But don’t take it outdoors. Because this is not meant to take the burden of sharp objects. Furthermore, the outsole has a high risk of fracture when in nature.

The length is perfect for American size. You will also have some space on the sides but not too much. You might feel that the middle and heel are narrow but if you just loosen up the eyelets, it will adjust to your feet. Thexeno upper will also mold according to your feet lessening any chance of plantar fasciitis.

Furthermore, theGeo fit collar gives you a nice and tight fit, and the inner bootie accommodates any kind of braces.

Overall, this shoe keeps your feet at the right place giving you an ample amount of support. A tipi spring plate between the midsole and outsole keeps the base stable making sure you don’t bend your foot in the wrong way.


  • Unique outsole pattern attracts less dirt
  • Best materials for on-court models
  • Best lace
  • Amazing cushion
  • Geo fit collar


  • Rubber outsole is extremely pliable
  • Eyelets come loose sometimes

3. Adidas Performance Men’s CloudfoamIlation Mid Basketball Shoe

This is a classic design from Adidas that helps you have the best control on the court. It is designed to give you support in all the condition you can come across in the game of basketball. It also has a classic look unlike most of the flashy sneaker you find in the store these days.

Let’s talk about the soles first. It has a classic midsole design. There is a lightweight foam in the midsole with EVA underneath that. It gives you the best cushioning and impact protection. The footbed here also belongs to the elite class. You will find the best memory foam or cloud foam in the footbed available in the market.

The outsole is another marvel of the Adidas brand. It gives you all the support from every direction you need in the game. The rubber outsole is a non-marking rubber. This outsole features a herringbone pattern specially designed for better grip in basketball courts. But there are other outsoles that you can choose from.

Every part of footwear is crucial if you are an athlete. And one of the most critical parts is the foot bed cushions. Herein,the Adidas illation nailed it. The outsole is made up of rubber giving you the best traction in the game.

Its upper is entirely leather and fabric. It also gives you great breathability with the help of the top and side ventilation. You will have four choices in style,but the classic Adidas three stripe design is common in all the sneakers.

The shaft of the sneaker starts from the mid-top and curves up the arch. It gives the sneaker a very active and sporty look and is built with air mesh fabric. These are made with synthetic polymers that increase the durability of the upper layer without compromising your comfort.

You will find the lace-up closure very comfortable. It will lock your feet in position. While ordering your regular size from Adidas,if you want, you can go a size higher or less. Manufacturers built the pair in such a way that it will fit you even in unwanted circumstances.


  • Nice fit
  • Classic design
  • Very soft and cushioned
  • Good traction and support
  • Good price


  • The outsole may peel-off
  • The upper is not flexible

4. Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 6 Boost Basketball Shoe

When you are looking for a shoe to prevent plantar fasciitis, you want to pick one that limits the range of motion and the mobility of the foot bones, so there’s no excessive stress on the plantar region. This is a sneaker that qualifies in the test of being top footwear for wide footers.

The D Rose 6 boost basketball shoe might be the best sneaker for plantar fasciitis we have in our list. There are many versions of it, but the best one is the prime knit. Sadly, there is only one prime knit option for the D rose series.

You will find all the requirement that you look for in a shoe for flat footers. This is sturdy on the back but somewhat flexible on the front. The cross strap made out of TPU provides extra support on the back. So people with heel pain can easily make it their first choice.

But the owner of this sneaker needs to be careful as it is exceptionally bouncy. The upper and the midsole will give you a lot of support and stability, but if you are not experienced in the court, you should better have a warm-up period before the game to understand its reflex.

This prime knit offers a lot of containment and support with additional style and color pattern. It requires no breaking time, and if you don’t mess up the sizes, it will fit you like it was always yours. But the downside with these materials is their longevity.

There is also a change in the lacing system from the previous D rose designs. The lace loop system locks down your feet better than other D Rose shoes. It gives you a very nice fit, so never go even half a size up. If possible,you should go a size down to have the best containment.

The tongue is not as puffy as it was in the previous version giving your laces more fitting capability than other shoes. You will also find a lot of cushioning all around the inner of the shoe. That gives you a lot of support on the court with convenience.


  • Good support
  • Great reflexes
  • Excellent fit
  • Nice lacing system
  • Prime knit upper


  • The boost is hard to control
  • Nothing special in the outsole

5. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoes

This shoe is styled to perfection. There are some exciting specifications on this shoe that amazes every sneaker lover. You will find 44 different styles of this same shoe. And all of them are great for your heel.

There is a huge SC logo on the back of some designs. You will also find small logos and curry signatures on different parts of the sneakers.

As always, Under Armour designed their curry series to have the best traction. This basketball shoe features a herringbone pattern that supports you from multiple directions. The pivot point is located in such a way that it can safeguard your plantar region from shocks.

The curry 3 features a golden gate design on the bottom of the shoe. Itsmaterials used arealso phenomenal. The thread borne upper gives a lot of strength into the shoe. You will feel the push reflecting from every side of the sneaker. It also allows for high breathability.

You will find ANA foam on the medial side. It allows the sneaker to have a nice fit. The inside of the shoe is well-padded like its predecessor; the curry 2.5. But it does not have the burrito like system. This thick padding eliminates any chances of inflammation after the game.

The choice of materials from the manufacturers was perfect. You might feel that the footwear is not fitting you, but after a couple of days, the inside will mold and take the shape of your foot to give you the best experience. All the materials of this shoe make it soft and light weight.

This shoe comes with metal wing midfoot shank that is made with carbon fiber giving you torsional support on the bottom. It has a motive heel to prevent your heel moving from side to side.

You will feel like you are standing on air. That also implies that the shoe might give you less stability. Plus, you might feel like that you are going to roll over. But along with the nice lacing system and carbon fiber wings, it gives you a perfect fit.

The sneaker comes with a responsive charge cushion that has a fast lighting reflection. This is what you need in the court to have the best performance. A big difference from its predecessors is that the ankle area has a lot of cushioning. Overall, the comfort of these shoes is better than its predecessors.


  • Very comfortable
  • Good reflex
  • ANA foam medial
  • Very good outsole and traction
  • Metal wing
  • Carbon fiber shank


  • Less stability
  • Less development from the curry 2.5

6. Adidas NEO Men’s CF Executor Mid Basketball-Shoes

This is one of the finest mixes of quality and safety for not only basketball shoes but also for all-round sports shoes. It features a woven mesh material that makes the shoe very breathable.So, your feet will be cool and comfortable inside the footwear.

You have lots of padding around your collar and tongue. This is what you need to avoid those nasty shocks that give birth to plantar pain. The inside of the shoe and the footbed is padded with a material that molds and takes the shape of your feet giving you more control and support.

Its midsole beneath the foot bed has a cloud foam making the shoe far more comfortable than other shoes. It is also a competition for other Adidas shoes. The midsole combined with the extra padded top sole gives you the best experience in the court with added protection.

In the bottom, you have a think rubber outsole complementing the soles above it. Generally, a rubber outsole this thick increases the total weight of the footwear.But remarkably, the manufacturers of Adidas were able to keep its weight down to the point where it can be categorized a lightweight sneaker.

The outsole has a herringbone pattern which gives the shoe high traction. It also gives you greater control over your surroundings. You will have support from every direction that reduces the risk of plantar injuries.

Lace is also an essential factor in avoiding unwanted injuries. The lacing system should be the classic as it is with the CF executor. They also included some cool patterns on the lace to make it look more stylish.

This shoe also includes a heel loop for easy on and off and a heel counter for additional support in your plantar region. Adidas always hits the bull’s eye in fitting. Just order the one you regularly order from the company, and you should be good to go. Remember that these shoes can stretch according to your feet.

These pairs come in a street-tec style. There are seven styles from which you can choose from. All of them share the same materials and features. You just have to pick the one that suits you the best.


  • Well-padded
  • Cloud foam cushion
  • Lightweight
  • Good control
  • Good stability


  • Strings in the mesh are not high quality
  • Problems with longevity

7. Adidas Men’s Crazylight Boost 2018 Basketball Shoes

I know there are a lot of Adidas on the list. But we can’t help it,they are just so good. As for the pair we have now, you will be very comfortable in it with full protection for your heels.

The rubber outsole is fantastic. It has a unique pattern that gives you the best traction and control. Thisoutsole pattern prevents dirt from sticking to it. Although the rubber is pretty thick, it does not increase the weight of the shoe.

Its unique pattern bites on to the smoothest courts you can find. You will have no issues sliding laterally, stopping on a dime or making any other moves. The noise from your breaks will warn your opponents what they are dealing with.

Breaking time here is also minimal. You can also use that on outdoors. It can take the burden of any surface, but the longevity will undoubtedly increase if you use that only for basketball courts.

The secret to lightweight lies in the synthetic overlay and lightweight textile upper. It is highly breathable and comfortable to use. The materials here are pretty solid. There is nothing special about them, but they get the job done.

Inside of the shoe and the tongue is made of neoprene which feels comfy. It is perfect for guys with plantar fasciitis problem. It takes the shape of your feet and gives you the best support.

The Adidas Crazylight has a motive TPU heel counter while using the same midfoot shank on the bottom and the arch for stability. It also features foam filled Achilles for added comfort and lockdown. This reduces the heel pain a lot.

Lockdown here is a little bit tricky. You have to use the laces efficiently to have a full lock. But don’t assume that they are bad. They are just meant for a wider customer range.

However, these shoes are very stable on the court. The midfoot shank and the flat base gives you a lot of surface area to have full control over our movement. It will give you a significant boost.

But this sneaker also comes with excellent heel protection. So, you don’t have to worry about plantar fasciitis while making rough moves. FYI, you might wanna go half a size down to have a perfect fit.


  • Superb traction
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Lightweight upper and mesh
  • Fantastic midsole
  • Good stability


  • No special treatment from the materials
  • Breathability is not the best here
  • Bottom heavy

What to Look for Selecting The Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

If you are reading this, you must be really into basketball. So I am not gonna be describing every term and detail. Here is the list of every part of a sneaker when you are purchasing for the court.

Toe Box

The front side of your feet where the toe sits is called the toe box. That space should be expandable and take the shape of your toe. Otherwise, you might risk having a shoe that is too hard on your feet.


This is by far the most important thing about sports shoes that prevent plantar inflammation. Know your size according to the American standards. Prefer brands with reputed selling services. And if you have a wide foot, be careful about the width of your sneaker.

But do not think that the sneaker will fit you at the first go. You need to see that if it is 75% of what you were looking for. The rest will be attained after a couple of days with the footwear.


Quick and fast reaction is vital in the game of basketball. But you need to do that without risking a night full of pain. Look for the highly padded insole and a flexible outsole. That will propel you on the court with more control.


You will find lots of best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis in the market. All basketball shoes have good support. But there are some special support features that you need for plantar fasciitis. The back of your heels needs to be very hard and supportive so that the heels cannot move much. Bottom side of the outsole should also be very rigid. It should not be flexing very much.


It all comes down to this feature. Your shoe should be comfortable for you. There are sneakers that have a great look but do not protect your feet. Skip those shoes and take the one which is comfortable all around your feet.

Bottom Line:

Here you go, you have everything you need to know for elevating your performance in the court.

We have outlined the best basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis here. If you don’t wanna take from the top five, then be very careful about the different aspects we have mentioned in the guide. Good luck!

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