Courtney Cleveland

In order to improve the lifestyle of patients and their families Courtney Cleveland dedicates herself to uphold their psychological, social and medical needs.

After performing oncology research, she turned her career to nursing in 2011. With long term experience as a critical care nurse, she realized that patients are not treated according to their values and goals. So, she decided to provide symptom managements and psycho-social support through the terminal.

Moreover, Courtney educates her hospital staffs and community partners so that they can properly communicate with patients and their providers according to their expectations.

About Rachel Berman

Since 2011 Rachel Berman has been involving with the company who is very familiar in the field of nutrition. She performed on many media programs like “The Today Show”, “Fox and Friends,” and so on. She wrote two books named “Boosting Your Metabolism for Dummies” and “Mediterranean Diet for Dummies.”

Rachel is a registered dietitian and she loves to share nutrition, weight loss and health related practical and science-based information.

She got bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences from Cornell University in New York.

Rashed Islam

Rashed Islam has been working as a web developer & marketing promotion since 2015 and till now he loves his profession. He has involved in the ChooseWiserly in 2017. He has personal blog WebGaan.

Rashed Islam is giving Website Design & SEO services all over the world. He checks website error or maintain whole website along with keyword research.

Saiful Islam Rony

Saiful Islam Rony has been working as an article writer since 2012 and till now he is enjoying to write different types of contents like product & service reviews, blogs, academic and research writing.

He wants to continue writing articles as he is so much passionate on it.His aim is to publish his contents on different popular Websites, blogs & journals. Besides article writing he designs & develops various types of websites for his clients.