I am Rashed Islam, the founder of ChooseWiserly . Our website specializes in Amazon affiliate marketing, where we leverage the power of search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, and search ads to generate profits and drive traffic to our platform.



Abdul Barek Bapari, a dedicated investor, has shown great confidence in our platform, ChooseWiserly , by investing a significant amount of $4,000 over the years. We greatly appreciate his support and belief in our potential to generate substantial profits.


Our goal is to sell the site once we achieve a monthly revenue of nearly $1000. We plan to leverage platforms like MotionInvest or EmpireFlippers to sell the site at a valuation ranging from 30x to 40x the revenue.

Despite the ever-changing algorithms of Google, we remain delighted with our growth, primarily attributed to the success of our email marketing and search ads strategies. We recognize that Google frequently updates its algorithm to improve user experience and ensure quality content. Therefore, we continuously adapt our SEO practices to comply with these changes and maintain our visibility in search engine results.

Our email marketing efforts have been fruitful, allowing us to engage with our audience, build relationships, and drive conversions. By creating valuable content and targeted email campaigns, we have experienced consistent growth in our subscriber base and generated revenue through affiliate product recommendations.

Additionally, our search ads have played a pivotal role in attracting targeted traffic to our site. Through careful keyword research, ad optimization, and monitoring performance metrics, we have been able to effectively reach potential customers and drive qualified leads.

While algorithm updates can present challenges, we remain committed to staying informed and implementing strategies that align with best practices. By focusing on email marketing and search ads, we have achieved notable growth, positioning ChooseWiserly for success in the competitive world of affiliate marketing.


ChooseWiserly is the platform created by experienced affiliate marketer, Rashed Islam. It offers valuable, unbiased information and insightful reviews for Amazon shoppers.

The team continuously improves the site’s design, navigation, and functionality to make the user experience seamless. ChooseWiserly conducts thorough research on products, customer reviews, and industry trends to provide comprehensive information. The aim is to empower readers to make informed choices and find the most suitable products for their needs.

ChooseWiserly is dedicated to creating a valuable platform for Amazon affiliate marketing, delivering exceptional content and a reliable resource users can trust when making purchasing decisions.


As a testament to our commitment to our valued investors, we are proud to offer a generous return of 50% from our profits. This demonstrates our desire to ensure that Abdul Barek Bapari’s investment not only grows steadily but also provides a substantial return on his initial contribution.

At, we are constantly striving to optimize our operations, expand our user base, and enhance our services. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, conducting thorough market research, and employing a talented team of professionals, we are confident in our ability to generate impressive profits.

With Abdul Barek Bapari’s investment, we will be able to further enhance our platform’s features, improve user experience, and explore new opportunities for growth. We value his input and trust in our vision, and we are dedicated to making a resounding success.

In summary, we are immensely grateful to Abdul Barek Bapari for his continuous support and investment in We assure him that his faith in us is well placed, and we will do everything in our power to deliver exceptional results, ensuring that his investment flourishes and the promised 50% return becomes a reality.

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