Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for ankle support? Selecting one among the best basketball shoes for ankle support is essential while playing without damaging one’s ankles alongside feet. This is the correct place where you are going to find numerous options with ample knowledge of the shoes.

This will not only help you to find the best shoe that is worthy of money but also the comfortable one.

Our recommend – Top 3 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

10 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support – In Depth Reviews

1. Joomra Men’s High Top Athletic Shoes

While selecting basketball shoes individuals need to take care of their angles as it is the most crucial part that might get damaged while playing. There are high possibilities that you might have forgotten the name of Joomra, the shoe brand which is coming up with an enumerable variety of options for basketball shoes to select from.


The product not only is coming up at an affordable and cheap rate but it should also be highlighted that the shoes are strategically designed in such a way that it protects ankles from destruction. The sneakers are coming with a high-ankle design.

The sole of the shoe is constituted of rubber whereas the outer material is made up of leather. The lacing system has been styled in such a manner that it provides extra durability to the shoes.

Available in multiple color palettes- red, white, black, blue, grey, and many more, these basketball shoes come with a blade rubber outsole that not only creates a distinguished visual appearance but also adds an extra charm to the aesthetic appearance of the shoes.

This very feature is something that distinguishes the product from other shoes and will help you to look at the string to one among the other players.

Devised strategically that helps in safeguarding the ankles from stress, the shoes are very lightweight, only 2.119 pounds. This contributes to better performance.

It is a great product for people suffering from me issues as this will help in jumping in a better manner as it is cushioned.


  • High ankle design to protect ankles from stress
  • Great price value
  • Longer durability
  • Aesthetic appearance


  • Not suitable for long games
  • Designed aesthetically instead of performance

2. BRONAX Mens High Top Athletic Shoes

Bronax is well acquainted with the fact that the players are in dire need to support their ankles during the games. Keeping this in mind the Bronax has designed sneakers that is the potential enough to provide a classy look alongside reducing stress and pressure over the ankles.


The sneakers are available in two colors that are red and black enabling the players to select accordingly. Besides, the shoes are coming at a pocket-friendly price.

In addition to this, the sneakers are customized for individuals suffering from orthotics. The soles of the sneakers are removable and can be well-adjusted in accordance with the person’s needs.

The sole of the shoes is constructed of rubber whereas the material is made up of leather giving it a distinguished look. This offers longer durability and offers high abrasion.

Moreover, the lace-up style is creating a differential look that will enhance the outer appearance of the wearer.

This particular design is also meant to ensure high protection of the ankle so that once you take a leap you land safely in a cushioned manner. Besides, the shoe is emerging with foam padded tongue along with a collar to insure support and comfort from stress and pressure.


  • The shoe can be machine washed
  • It is worth every penny
  • Foam-padded tongue and collar
  • Removable soles
  • Perfect fit for people suffering from knee issues


  • Available only in two colors
  • The shoes are not ventilated
  • Arch support is absent

3. Under Armour Men’s Basketball Shoe

Under Armour comes with a variety of basketball shoes that the sporting test can easily purchase. This particular men’s basketball shoe is emerging at an affordable range of colors as well as price. It has been engineered in such a manner that it is well-ventilated. For durability and more support, the shoes have been designed with synthetic overlays and mesh uppers.


Among the best basketball ball shoes for ankle support, this particular one by Under Armour has a TPU film toe cap for further durability as well as comfort. Air mesh tongue has also been attached to it to provide more comfort and support to feet so that one can play longer games.

This particular shoe can also be worn for running, walking, and any other kind of sports activity.

Due to the EVA middle, the shoe can be comfortably worn for a whole long day. A plush sock liner has been fixed in this shoe to maintain the shape and avoid foul smell for a long span of time.

In addition to this, the shoe is worth every penny as it is also provided with anti-odor facilities that enable one to wear the shoe for the entire day while keeping away from the foul smell that might produce due to wearing it for a long time.


  • EVA middle to provide more comfort
  • TPU film cap to increase durability
  • Properly ventilated
  • Washable


  • High price

4. PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes

While searching for the best basketball shoes for ankle support you must not be familiar with the brand Peak. Coming up with such a quality of shoes that is worth every money this particular brand is providing a stabilization module. This helps in protecting one feed from the lateral movement that might also result in strain and fractures.


The sole is made up of ethylene vinyl acetate and is capacitated by wear resistance. The shoe is coming up with seamless weaving techniques that release heat and leave feet comfortable inside the shoes. The lace-up design makes the shoes more comfortable and stylish.

The extra complete and high ankle support is one of the basic features for which one should take a diaper inside the shoe.


  • Washable shoes
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Longer durability


  • Costly
  • Irremovable soles

5. adidas Men’s Mid Basketball Shoe

When it comes to sports shoes the name Adidas is well-known to almost everyone. The brand is famous for coming up with designer shoes that help the sports it is used to achieve their goals.


In addition to this, this was mentioned that basketball shoes are designed for both men and women.

The basketball shoes are of mid-ankle rise. This particular feature helps in protecting bangles from getting damaged. The forming technology helps in reducing stress and tension in the ankle. Thus helps in securing from strain, stress, and pressure.

The shoe is coming up in a wider range of colors to select from. The lacing style is absolutely aesthetic and perfectly blends with one’s personality.

The shoes are costly and are coming up with lightweight synthetic material.


  • Varied color palette
  • Aesthetic looks
  • Zip-lock the support


  • Not ventilated
  • A mid-rise that lacks better ankle support

6. Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes

Among the best basketball shoes for ankle support, Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes have a design such a manner that attracts many. Nike is one of the prominent brands that is dedicated to manufacturing, designing, and developing apparel and accessories of which sports shoes are distinctive.


The appearance of the shoe is unique along with its design. The design of the shoe provides support to the ankle. In addition to this, it is worth mentioning that the designer also provides comfort to the wearers. The shoe is coming up with a number of color options to select from like red, black, white, and so on.

The lace style of the shoe provides extra support to the ankle and effectively bling to secure the ankle from strain, pressure, and damage. This is a Unisex shoe that can easily be worn by both women and men.

Although it is meant for playing basketball, it can be used for gymming and walking. The shoes are practical designs by Nike to release stress from ankles and provide comfort. Moreover, the shoes are fashionable and are available in wolf grey, black and white colors.

When it comes to Nike it is better to discuss that the conglomerate is well-known in the market and has been widely accepted by the world’s customers. In addition to this, it is popular for selling as well as manufacturing athletic shoes along with apparel for sports. Furthermore, the brand is popular for manufacturing accessories for sports.

This particular Nike shoe can be purchased because of its lightweight and distinctive features with which it is emerging. Besides, this is made up of synthetic that eventually turn it into a washable item. Furthermore, this enhances the durability of the product.


  • Worth value
  • Washable
  • Innumerable color options to select
  • Lace style to support ankles


  • Not appropriately ventilated
  • Non-water resistant

7. Reebok Mid Basketball Shoes

While searching for the best basketball shoes for ankle support one should always take care to look at Reebok Unisex Adult Resonator Mid Basketball Shoes. This has been designed in the signature style of the brand. The upper part of it is made up of leather with nubuck side stripes.


With the hits of suede the shoes perfectly create an environment of aestheticism. The shoe is coming up in a plethora of colors to select from. These leather shoes are emerging with a comfortable lining of textile and are a blender of softness with slight stretch.

Never miss the point that the sole of this particular shoe is made up of rubber and it is the lace styling that makes the shoe more attractive, supportive and comfortable.

This is a mid-cut athletic shoe with embroidered vector. This can easily be worn by versatile basketball players from beginners to trained ones. The shoes can easily be machine washed. It should be remembered that Reebok is a well-known brand that produces a number of shoes for sports enthusiasts.

In fact, it is well known for its quality. Besides, Reebok is known to the world for its support of sports as well as encouragement to the sports movement. Moreover, Reebok is also known for vocalizing human rights. Moreover, it is their fitness credibility merged with classics that have enabled them to gain recognization in the sphere of sports.

It is worth mentioning that the brand has always taken care of style and sport that encourages them to emerge with unique designs.


  • Washable
  • Comfortable textile lining
  • Rubber sole
  • Lace styling for further comfort


  • Non-water resistant
  • High price

8. WELRUNG Unisex High Top Basketball Shoes

While looking for the best basketball shoes for ankle support you might not have got to remind it of Welrung basketball shoes. One of the potential reasons to buy this particular shoe is that it can be used by men and women want it as it is unisex.


In addition to this, it is worth mentioning that the shoe is coming up in three different color combinations like white – purple, black-red, and black – purple.

All are potential enough to create a distinctive appearance. High ankle design enables the wearers to comfortably wear the shoes for the longest span of time.

The shoes are coming with an added feature as they have an added collar made up of foam to protect ankles from damage. It is composed of vamp material which is perfectly ventilated as it contains breathable liners along with net fabric and mesh.

One can easily go for this particular shoe as it is coming with shock abrasion, a rubber sole, and is lightweight.


  • Lightweight
  • Washable
  • Spectacular color combinations
  • Suitable for walking, running, playing badminton and tennis, and other sports.


  • Does not provide the removable sole
  • Cannot be customized
  • Bit costly

9. ASHION Mens Anti Slip Basketball Shoes

Ashion Men’s Basketball Shoes is one of a kind. The shoe is designed with a striped rubber sole that prevents damping. In order to boost your performance and improvise your playing the shoes are coming up with good holding.


This particular feature helps in avoiding slips on the ground and safeguarding ankles from damage. It should be mentioned that the shoes are designed in such a manual that they are extra durable. The rubber outsole feature helps in enhancing the longevity of the shoes.

This also helps in getting rid of falling down by sleeping on the basketball court. The shoe has been designed with cushioning technique that helps in relaxing the ankles after a leap in a soft landing.

The shoe is structured with ventilators that offer durability and provides comfort while playing. This also helps in getting rid of foul odor while playing comfortably for a longer span of time.

An additional feature of a soft insole enables the men’s basketball shoes to become more comfortable and feel fit during play. Furthermore, the toe box is also wider which supplies more space for the feet to breathe, and balance. This also helps in creating a stronger base push-off.

The basketball sneakers that have been exclusively desired for men by Ashion is coming up with a variety of color option and it is absolutely fashionable to wear.

It should be mentioned that the sneakers can also be worn by individuals for different purposes and are not restricted to basketball courts alone. This can be used for walking, trekking, running, casual traveling, climbing, or workout. This can you perfect gift for men.


  • Suitable for multiple outdoor activities
  • Wider toe box proper balancing
  • Appropriately ventilated
  • Trending color options
  • Anti-slip technology


  • No protection from lateral movement
  • Irremovable insole

10. Avia 830 Men’s Basketball Shoes

Avia is one of the foremost brands that produce a number of shoes for basketball players. You should familiarise yourself with this particular brand as it is emerging with stylish and fashionable basketball shoes that are trending in the market.


These particular basketball shoes should be on your bucket list if you are looking for the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

The high-rise ankle support shoe has been structured in such a manner that it covers the ankle and provides it extra support so that it does not undergo strain or fractures. The brand has redesigned the 1980 style in 2023 so that one can carry the tradition in a trendy manner.

The material of the sole is of the utmost quality. The sole has been made up of rubber along with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate. This has further been designed with leather that creates a distinguished look.

In addition to this light should be shredded on the fact that the shoe is emerging with unique and cool padded collars that facilitate cooling. This particular feature it is also providing extra comfort and support to the ankles.

Along with double stitched overlays, and upper leather, it is the TPU heel counter that is helping provide optimal support whereas perforations in key areas are allowed to appropriately ventilate leaving the feet cool.

The shoe is extremely lightweight and provides lateral support movement that enables securing feet from damage. It is well cushioned as well as flexible that is meant for comfort during playing. EVA midsole along with a socks liner that is removable provides opportunities to wear the shoes for a longer time. The lace-up style gives the shoes an aesthetic appearance.


  • Anti-ordor facilitate
  • Removable sock liner
  • TPU heel counter for further comfort
  • Breathable shoes


  • High price

Bottom Line

Among the best basketball shoes for ankle support, one can surely select Reebok Unisex Adult Resonator Mid Basketball Shoes. It is basically sexual that can easily be used by both men and women.

Although the shoe has no water-resistant facilities, its comfortable textile lining is something to attract individuals apart from the brand’s dedication towards encouraging sports and mingling it with lifestyle.

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