Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

It’s only normal that you’ll hurt yourself while playing; that’s how we learn. We fall, and we get back up, however, what’s most important is to try and avoid that injury the second time.

Here is where we come in to help you select the best basketball shoes for ankle support – making sprained ankles a concern of the past.

For a quick glance at the top eleven list, you can check out the table below.

Best for Ankle Supported Players
Under Armour Men’s UA Curry 2.5

  • Great ankle support and cushioning
  • Gives a fluid heel-to-toe transition
Better for Ankle Protection Shoes
BRONAX Lifestyle High-Top Shoes

  • Uppers of durable faux leather.
  • Both Performance And Fashion at a Cheap Price
Best For Regular Adidas Players
Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation Shoe

  • Perform both indoor and outdoor
  • Adequate support and ankle stability shoe
Budget Friendly Basketball Shoes
JOOMRA Men’s High-Top Athletic Shoes

  • Roll cage for extra ankle support
  • Fashionable Design for basketball players
Affordable Price for Performer
Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe

  • Everyday shoe for any activity
  • Those who like hygienic insole
Best for Stephen Curry Fans
Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero

  • It provides a better all-around experience
  • Cushioning delivers a smoother heel-to-toe transition
All In One Solution Shoes
Adidas Originals Pro Bounce 2018

  • Ankle and Achilles supported
  • Flexible shoes allowing resistance to heavy usage
Great Value for the price
Nike Men’s Air Precision

  • Mesh upper provides ample breathability
  • Phylon midsole, providing better comfort & fitting
Prefer Comfort Shoes
Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 3 Basketball Shoe

  • Great moisture locking system
  • Secure fitting allowing uninterrupted play
Easily justifiable price for the quality
Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

  • It is versatile for any type of player
  • Provides a plush ride & solid foot containment
High-Quality, Affordable Product Shoe
Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

  • Wear-resistant and waterproof material
  • Allowing for quicker movement and higher jumps

11 Best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes Reviews in Details

Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

1. BRONAX Lifestyle High-top Shoes – for Both Performance and Fashion at a Cheap Price

Another name that you may not be familiar with, if you’re the type of person that perceives the expensive product to have better quality, then these aren’t made for you. The shoes may be pretty cheap; however, they provide a great design and even better performance.

Its upper layer is made of durable faux leather; this doesn’t only look great on your shoe but also keeps your feet safe from being crushed by other players. With overlays, the shoe gives you a great fit and supports you on key areas of the foot, making for great footing and stability.

They come in three solid colors that are: Black, Red, White, and another two that are a blend of Red and Black as well asBlack and White. Thus, making them great to go with most jerseys. Moreover, faux leather helps keep a constant color without any fading even after a rigorous wash.

Not only are they great to look at, but they’re also comfortable to wear. Using a padded foam tongue and collar, they provide a tight fit, comfort, and keep your ankles safe.

The rubber outsoles give you a cushioning that allows for much more comfortable jumps – making them great for people who have arthritis and flat feet.

Using abrasion-resistant rubber outsoles, not only makes the shoe lightweight, but they also have a better grip on the court, allowing quicker movement. Lace-up closure system facilitates better support and a tighter fit so that your shoes don’t slip off.


  • Foam padding on tongue and collar, providing better ankle support
  • Extremely cheap, while maintaining both quality and performance
  • Abrasion-resistant outsole provides better traction on the court
  • Long-lasting attribute induced by faux leather
  • Boasting basic colors and a remarkable design


  • Arch support isn’t included
  • They aren’t well ventilated

2. Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation – Best for Regular Adidas Users

Adidas knows how to make a pair of classy sneakers that aren’t only built for performance but also get the attention of onlookers. The Cloudfoam is made using a mixture of leather and fabric and comes in four color schemes, that is Black, Metallic, Silver, and White.

The shoes use an air mesh technology on the tongue, collar, and rear quarter. This mesh is essential for air circulation – keeping the inside of the shoe fresh and cool even at very heated games.

You also get the added benefit of Cloudfoam technology; this is an EVA compound, which is placed in the midsole as a heel pad. What this compound does is, it provides an extra layer of lightweight cushioning, making jumps more comfortable and easier on your legs.

However, the Cloudfoam isn’t the only cushioning; you also have an inner sole made of memory foam. Thus, adjusting the inner sole according to your feet, making them more comfortable over time. Additionally, a grippy rubber outsole makes sure the shoes provide the highest level of control when you’re on the court.

A classic pair of Adidas usually runs down people a good amount of cash; however, this isn’t the case here, with a price that throws it down to the mid-range. This pair makes for a great addition to your shoe collection, providing both performance and show.


  • Air mesh technology allowing for a cleaner and cooler inner sole
  • Cloudfoam, providing comfort at a fraction of the weight
  • Great classy design that is assured to turn some heads
  • A grippy outsole for greater control on the court
  • High tops providing support to ankles to avoid sprains


  • Only a few colors available
  • Outsole grips are more susceptible to wear and tear

3. JOOMRA Men’s High-Top Athletic Shoes – for Those That Want a Fashionable Design

A name you won’t easily recognize, but that’s why we’re here to introduce you to underrated products. The sneakers from Joomra are an incredibly designed pair; the high-top style comes with a plastic roll cage – allowing a bit of extra support but more of a stylish finish.

Coming in with a few classic dual coloring schemes between White, Red, Black, and Blue, itoffers you a palette of colors that is significantly more than others in the market.The blade cut rubber outsole allows for an aesthetically appealing feel that gives a sense of uniqueness, differentiating you from everyone else.

Built to last, these shoes come with a leather lining.These accents are strategically placed on regions with the highest likeliness of facing stress, such as on the toe and the heel – preventing them from damages.The rest of the shoe is made of high-quality PU, giving the shoe an eye-catching look.

Being below 2 pounds, these sneakers are incredibly light in terms of performance.The shoes allow faster movement while being paired up with the high-top style that keeps your feet secure and ankles protected during rough play.Furthermore, the lacing system helps keep your feet snuggly in position, completing that perfect fit.

With an inner sole made of rubber, you can rest assured that your jumps will be cushioned. They are taking away the pressure from your knees – great for people with knee problems. Even though the shoes tick all the right boxes, they cost almost nothing compared to most other Basketball sneakers in the market.


  • Great value for the price you’re paying
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Minimal wear and tear trouble due to leather toe and heels
  • Water-resistant design
  • Roll cage for extra ankle support


  • The shoes are mainly based on aesthetics rather than performance
  • Mostly suitable for short games

4. Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe– for Those Who Like a Hygienic Insole

Under Armour comes twice into our list as they make great basketball shoes, and the Jet Series is no exception. These mid-range shoes may have a smaller high-top than other shoes on the list, but they get the job done nevertheless. Among all the great features it has, one of the most crucial ones is the products lightweight.

The upper portion of the shoe uses a synthetic mesh textile, thus making the shoe breathable and providing a durable structure. Thispairis completely encased in a breathable mesh that keeps the shoes well ventilated, fresh, and dry – keeping that stink away even in the most tiring of plays.

Even though the shaft only measures up to mid-top regions, the extra layer of padding around the ankle makes sure your feet are secure, comfortable, and resistant to unwanted injuries. Moreover, the fit is further enhanced due to the molded heel, which locks in your foot, giving you better footing during games.

Additionally, the rubber outsole helps to improve your footing as well with the unique pattern providing better traction, both indoors and outdoors, including wet conditions. The better grip allows for lateral movements that are quicker and more agile.

Let’s not forget the EVA sock liner, a die-cut underfoot cushioning that provides great comfort, while also minimizing stress on your knees. Lastly, the number of designs and colors you get is immense – giving you the ability to purchase the ones that suit you best.


  • Wide variety of colors and designs to choose from
  • Cushioning around the ankle provides great support and stability
  • Synthetic upper body makes the product light and durable
  • Rubber sole with high traction design
  • Great ventilation allowing the dry feel and taking away the pungent smell


  • Thin EVA Sock liners won’t be able to support people with arthritis
  • Ankle support may not be up to the mark

5. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero – for Stephen Curry Fans

One of Under Armour’s most beautifully designed shoes, also commonly known as the SC Curry’s, after the legendary Stephen Curry. These shoes are personally designed according to the legend himself, so you know these aren’t going to be your regular basketball shoes.

The upper body of these light weight beasts is made using a reinforced mesh system, which gives your feet that fresh chug of air and keepsthem cool and comfortable regardless of the weather.

For the tongue, the company skipped out on a regular mesh and rather used an open-holed system for an exponential increase in ventilation.

Since we’re on the topic of cushioning, the Micro-G and charged cushioning included in the mid-soles of the shoe provide for much quicker and agile movement while maintaining a constant level of comfort.Furthermore,these provide you with short boosts of energy when most needed.

The outsoles on the shoes keep true to the company, boastingthe same high traction grip designs and giving you much better control over yourself on the court – allowing you to take those precision game wining steps.

These legendary shoes aren’t very expensive if you buy the base models. However, the price goes high for limited editions.


  • Stephen Curry endorsed pair gives bragging rights
  • Meta-wing TPU shank providesgreat ankle support and stability
  • Energy return tech being used through charged cushioning system
  • Signature rubber outsole grips for better traction both indoors and outdoors
  • Ortholite sock liners, great for people with flat feet and arthritis


  • Unlike the base models, the higher quality ones are pretty expensive
  • People with wider feet might face problems, as the shoes get narrower

6. Adidas Originals Pro Bounce 2018 – for Those Who Prefer an All in one Solution

The Pro Bounce series is one of Adidas’s best selling series, an all-rounder package made for athletes. You could be at the gym or the field, and these shoes would do just fine. A pair of high tops that can do so much more than they’re made for, making the high price worth the investment.

These are made using a durable, yet breathable forged fiber mesh. Heat-pressed to keep the product in shape at all times as it’s easy to get stepped on while playing. Furthermore, the fibers are TPU-coated and stitched in to provide the optimal level of support during heavy use.

This is a magnificently designed high top shoe that comes in an array of different colors, which allows people to freely choose the one that is the fit best for them. All this is done while keeping the classic Adidas appeal present. Thus, building a pair that looks an excellent party-wear as well.

Weighing in at less than 2 pounds, this is what sets these shoes apart. The lightweight of the product allows for easier and quicker movement. They are made possible due to the lightweight rubber outsoles. These soles are designed to deliver supreme control over the court.

The perfect fit when it comes to shoes is one that isn’t extremely tight, nor is it loose for your feet to slip out. So, the fit must be just right, which is quite easily achieved using the cable lacing system on theseshoes. For comfort, bounce cushioning provides enhanced protection to your knees during massive jumping.


  • Durable and lightweight shoe
  • Ankle support and Achilles support
  • Large variety of colors
  • Flexible shoes allowing resistanceto heavy usage


  • Very expensive compared to mediocore brands
  • Tough to clean and maintain the pearl white soles

7. Under Armour Men’s UA Curry 2.5 – Made for Those Who Love Ankle Support

Another product from Under Armour that was designed and chosen by Stephen Curry himself, these are an updated version on the 3C’s we already covered. Made using a PU shell, these pairs not only provide a snug-fitting but also give you a durable outer shell.

These shoes are one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support – the high tops providing an extraordinary level of ankle support. The synthetic covering of the shoe provides a snug fit, which further helps to keep your feet fixed without any unwanted twist that may become the cause of a sprain.

A Burrito design on the tongue sets that unique tone about the shoe, which also gives it an extra push of comfort and snug fit around the ankle.Additionally,since the tongue is padded, it further increases the safety and comfort of your ankles.

ETC anti-friction top cloth helps to reduce the level of heat inside the shoe. Thus, keeping your feet cooler and sweat-free, allowing you to play restlessly for hours. This added with the die-cut anti-microbial Ortholite shoes, keeps away any form of fungus, and gives your flat feet extra comfort.

And you have the full length charged inner soles.These convert the stored energy to that extra boost that you need to push you closer to that hoop. An external shank and heel counter give you theessential stability that other shoes can’t even compare to. All of these are available at a pretty affordable price for the basic models.


  • PU shell gives an extremely durable upper body, resistant to hard hits
  • Great ankle support and cushioning
  • The herringbone outsole allows for greater traction and control
  • Enhanced speeds of the players using the charged cushioning system
  • Lacing up system allows tighter and better-fit lacing


  • Only a few colors are available in the market
  • The limited-edition shoes go out for a very high price

8. Nike Men’s Air Precision – for People Who Seek a Lightweight Shoe

It was only time that a pair of Nikes’ showed up on this list; Nike Air’s are one of the most well-known sneakers in the market. They are living up to their name, at being one of the most lightweight pair of shoes you’ll ever own. This is why people love them, as they provide them with the ability to move freely and quickly.

The lacing of the shoe uses a dynamic webbing system, thus helping keep your feet locked into position during multi-directional movement. With the addition of plush foam pads around the ankle, these shoes not only help keep the ankle safe but also give you a much better fitting.

Moreover, the insole of the shoe involves a ½ length inner bootie, providing a sock-like fitting, thus not allowing for any form of movement inside the shoe. Additionally, the heel cushions provide for a softer landing – giving you greater confidence when you’re making those scoring jumps.

They’ve used a lightweight material for the rubber outsoles of the shoes while using the trademarked traction patterns of Nike. You’ll get an unmatched grip on even the slipperiest of floors, regardless of you using them indoors or outdoors. Thus, giving you the ability to move faster and without any skids.

The best part about these shoes is that they aren’t priced as high as most other Nikes’. Their affordable prices and the large color scheme available make for a great selection range. All you have to do is pick this top basketball shoe for ankle support, and start practicing for the game.


  • Great value for the price
  • Breathable upper shoe material allows greater ventilation and a dry inner sole
  • Sock-like fit, leaving almost no wiggle space
  • Modern webbing system gives you better control on your midfoot
  • Phylon midsole, providing better comfort, and better fitting


  • Still pretty expensivecompared to other products
  • Not great for people with flat feet due to thinner padding

9. Under ArmourClutchfit Drive 3 Basketball Shoes – for Those Who Prefer Comfort

Under Armour is one of the biggest players in the sportswear industry, which leaves no room for compromise in their Cluthfit Drive series. A beautifully designed dual-color shoe, boasting a mesh design that makes it a head-turner not only on the court but also outdoors.

The breathable fabric lining allows for more extended play, without your feet getting all sweaty. It’s highly likely your stamina will die out before your socks get drenched.

Additionally, the anti-microbial Ortholite sock liner, not only keeps the insides hygienic and odor-free at all times, butit also adjusts its shape according to your feet.

Moreover, the company offers something unique, with its bear-trap lacing system. Built right into the tongue, it provides that essential tightness to keep your feet from slipping out while you’re jumping – keeping away any form of distraction that might hamper your performance.

While we are on the subject of jumping, it’d be a shame if we skipped out on the Charged Cushioning pads placed under the heels; these absorb some intense blows, protecting you from putting too much pressure on your ankle and knees. And around the heel, the Achilles pillow provides an extra layer of padding and comfort.

A full-length Micro G foam, covering the entire length of the insole is there to boost performance. Not only does it allow for comfortable landings, but it also transfers the energy for explosive takeoff. The diamond-shaped traction pads allow for optimal grip. Its price might be steep, but the comfort is unparalleled.


  • Beautifully designed shoes that’ll go great with casuals
  • Forerunner when it comes to comfort, very useful for people with bad knees
  • Come with ankle support
  • Great moisture locking system
  • Secure fitting allowing uninterrupted play


  • The color choices are pretty basic
  • Price is very steep

10. Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive – for Those Who Are Moving away from the Usual $300 Purchases

Adidas’s pair of crazy explosives make sure to live up to their name, with an astonishing design that looks like an explosion of colors just took place on your feet. But, it’s not just the design that’s a crazy explosion; the performance you get from these shoes is also unparalleled.

The 100% synthetic build of the shoes makes the shoes both light and durable – allowing you to wear them both indoors and outdoors, in most climates without a hitch. Additionally, the rubber outsole provides a great grip on any turf, thus emphasizing how these shoes are made to survive most environments.

Ventilation wise these shoes are equipped with a mesh tongue and a heel inserts; these allow for the inflow of air into the shoes. It is keeping them fresh and away from moisture.

Anatomical lacing is one of those things that make these shoes stand out; this form of lacing allows for a tight fit while taking off pressure on the entire foot.

One of the reasons the shoe stands out is due to its beautiful color and design; however, there is something that you might miss out on but is as unique. The shoes use energy-returning boost tech, where the full-length pads installed in the shoe, give you that extra push to jump higher and move quicker.

For features that are mostly found on $300 plus shoes, these kicks will undoubtedly live up to those expectations at a third of the price. However, they’re still a bit expensive, but when you consider you’re buying one of the best basketball shoes with ankle support, then the price seems justifiable on its own.


  • Completely synthetic upper body making them light and exceptionally durable
  • Easily justifiable price for the quality
  • Beautifully designed
  • All new lacing system gives both comfort and a sturdy fit
  • Trademarked energy-returning boost tech improving your performance


  • Available only in three colors: Red, Black, and White
  • Initial discomfort may occur due to the narrow design

11. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes – for Those Looking for a High-Quality, Affordable Product

A name you’re probably not familiar with; however, you might want to note the name down. Using a minimalistic design, the shoe shows how there’s beauty in the simplest of things in life. However, if you are one for unique designs and funky colors, don’t worry; Beita makes those too.

Not all of their shoes are made of funky designs. However, they each have the same unique outsole – something that isn’t seen anywhere else. The net-shaped, rubber outsole provides a firm grip even on wet flooring. A one-piece rubber outsole makes for an anti-skid design and exceptional improvement in movability.

They provide excellent protection.The full-length synthetic body and the molded heel shield protect your ankles from bumps while giving you a better structure that fixes your feet in a specific position – keeping you away from accidental sprains.

Using PU leather materials, the shoe isn’t only waterproof; it’s also very comfortable on the feet. With the cushioning spread out across essential parts of the shoe, this pair takes away the pressure of jumping running. Moreover, the PU leather provides a wear-resistant body, making them long-lasting.

With holes that cover the body of the shoe, and a mesh grill on the sides, itallowsfor better movement of air inside the shoe – keeping them stink-free. All this and more is put into theproduct that costs almost nothing –coming ata price that is hard to believe, for shoes that are a complete steal.


  • Breathable material and mesh tech allowinga fresher inner sole environment
  • Large number of colors and designs to pick from
  • Lightweight, allowing for quicker movement and higher jumps
  • Wear-resistant and waterproof material
  • A company that is known for great after-sales services


  • The one-piece sole and one-piece upper body risk damaging the entire shoe
  • Don’t come in standard shoe sizes

Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Shoe

Usually, when we’re at the store buying new kicks, there’s not much that we look into; if it fits good and looks decent, it’s okay for us.

However, when you’re buying a pair to improve your game, then you might want to consider a few more things. To help you out, here’s a list of the things you should consider:


Basketball is a game that involves an extreme level of physical excretion.You’re not only utilizing your hands, but you also have to keep your feet moving at all times. Even for the best of players, this is physically draining, and you’ll have to hold onto that stamina for quite some time.

At such point, aching feet is the last thing you want; however, it will be the effect if you don’t keep cushioning in mind. Cushioning is one of the most crucial aspects and differentiates from person to person. To find out what type of padding suits you best, you’ll need to figure out your foot type.

If your feet have a high arch, then cushioning is necessary, whereas for thosewith a normal arch or flat feet, it’s not as much mandatory. However, even then, you need a certain level of padding on the soles to save your heels from stress fractures.


When buying a pair of basketball shoes or any shoes, make sure that the fitting is perfect. If the shoes are too loose or too tight, then opt-out of buying them. These will act as a huge distraction while playing. If they keep slipping or choke your feet, then you won’t be able to achieve that optimal play.

If you’re buying from an online store, then double-check if they have an exchange policy. As quite a few times, online shoes may not match your size. If you already have a pair of loose shoes sitting around, then you could wear an extra pair of socks.

Ankle Support

We’ve already established that you’re going to have to move quite a lot while playing. As your feet transition from one position to another, it’s only normal you take the wrong step, thus critically injuring your ankle. In this case, while buying basketball shoes, choose high tops.

These provide a layer covering around your ankle; the layer must snuggly fit your foot for them to work optimally. In such cases, check the ankle side of the shoe for extra padding to ensureextra comfort and a tight fit.

However, you could play with mid-tops on, if you feel that the high-tops are adding too much weight. The Mid-tops allow better flexibility and quicker movement across the court.

Although these will affect your game and the position you play in, so choose wisely. Some of the common injuries that you’ll be avoiding using ankle support are:


An extremely common injury, sprain, occurs mainly to clumsy basketball players.The more you avoid wearing proper shoes, the higher are the chances that you sprain your leg.

All it takes is a small misstep for your ankle to swell up and make your life completely miserable. Moreover, they’ll last for at least two weeks, so you better get used to them.

Ligament Tears

This type of injury usually accompanies the sprain that youjust got, so that’s double the pain. They’re quite noticeable if there’s a big tear, however, even if it’s a small one-bed rest is completely mandatory.


The game involves taking very high jumps.You might look cool landing down from a dunk; however, only you’ll know the pressure your legs will be going through. Over time this will add up and result in what is commonly known as stress fractures.

These could take place at the knees, the heels, and the ankle; and could render you out of the game for more than a month. The only solution to which is to use the right shoes with the right amount of padding and grip that you need.


Athletic shoes aren’t like your regular shoes, so the material they use should be equally different. What you’ll need is a light pair of very durable shoes that can take a beating from the very heaviest of games.

For such a shoe, maybe, you’d want to consider ones made of a synthetic upper body; the lightweight of the material allows you to neutralize the increase in weight generated by the extra layer of padding. A mixture of synthetic and leather will make the perfect contortion, for both light and durable shoe.

For the outsoles, look for rubber ones.Theseare not only lighter, but are they also capable of absorbing the force of your jumps. Moreover, they provide great traction on most surfaces.


If you’re considering spending hours at the court by giving the game your best performance, it’s only normal that your feet will be drenched. However, with proper ventilation, this can be easily avoided.

Consider buying shoes that come using mesh tech on the upper body of the shoe. The mesh technology makes the product breathable while keeping the insides dry and cool. Thus, it makes a comfortable environment for your feet. It’ll also keep the insoles hygienic and odor-free.


When you’re buying a shoe, the first thing most people go for is the design, and it shows how important it is. These shoes are normally a pretty expensive investment, and no one wants to look bad in something, that is expensive.

So, make sure you buy something that defines you, that won’t only make you look great but should also make you feel much more confident.Moreover, who says you only have to wear these sneakers on the court. You can wear them to a casual party, so you must look fashionable there as well.


The price is one of the biggest decision-making factors; the best basketball shoes with ankle support won’t be cheap, so you have to keep that in mind. A good basketball shoe will cost you over $100, except for a few exceptions. If you’re really into playing, then we’d recommend going for them.

Because these are going to last you for quite a while, however, if you’re still hesitant, then there’s always year-end sales and Black Friday; you could try to get a better deal then.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are basketball shoes good for ankle support?

Basketball shoes with a High-top design provide for great ankle support with their added padding; you also get basketball shoes in a mid-top design, which still does a decent job.

Should ankle support be tight?

The padding around the ankle must make for a tight fit so to restrict the motion of the ankle. However, they must not be so tight as to cut off blood circulation.

Do low top basketball shoes have ankle support?

Low top basketball shoes are made to be light and allow you to move quickly.Since they don’t come up to your ankles, they won’t provide you any ankle support.

Are high tops good for ankle support?

High top shoes tend to cover your entire ankle, thus providing you with that extra level of support. However, good ankle support will depend on the shoes itself and the padding it is offering around the ankle.

What can I do for weak ankles?

Weak ankles may be a sign of lacking proper nutrition and exercise, make sure that you have enough calcium and protein to better tone your muscles. Also, take the initiative to do a few exercises such as standing calf raises, heel walks, and hand-foot war.

These, however, are long term solutions; for the short term, you could buy a pair of high-top shoes and medical ankle braces.

Do NBA players tape their ankles?

Having to practice and play games for long sessions make NBA players more susceptible to injuries. This is why most players opt to wear ankle braces or to tape their ankle as a precaution and for better support.

Should basketball players wear ankle braces?

If you’re a regular player and a beginner who’s just getting used to the quick movements involved, then an ankle brace is important. These will keep injuries at bay and reduce the risk of reoccurring injuries.

Should I wear an ankle brace after a sprain?

Once you are off bed rest and start conducting regular day to day activities, we’d recommend that you keep an ankle brace on for support and protection.

Bottom Line

If you’re just a beginner and a little indecisive about what shoe would be best for you, look into the Adidas Pro Bounce 2018.It’s a pair that has it all – good looks, a comfortable and durable build, and a performance shoe. Combining the best of all worlds with a price tag that is pretty affordable for an Adidas.

If you’re buying the best basketball shoes for ankle support, this shows your interest in safety and precaution.

However, you need to remember this isn’t the only place to be careful. Be safe on the court as well as avoid clashes with other players, and most importantly, remember to have fun.

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