Rusk W8less Hair Dryer Reviews: Lightweight, Powerful and Affordable Hair Dryer

Are you looking for a lightweight, powerful, and affordable hair dryer? No matter whether you’re a professional hair stylist or an individual enthusiast who wants to ensure proper hair care, you’re going to love this one. Yes, after hours of tiresome research on hair dryers, finally, we came up with something that you’re probably seeking for.

So, let’s get started with our rusk w8less hair dryer reviews without delay and explore whether it’s what you exactly require to meet your hair care needs. Let’s jump right in! Before we proceed to the core of our hair dryer review today, let’s have a look at the key features of this particular hair dryer in the following:

Rusk W8less Hair Dryer Reviews

Rusk W8less Hair Dryer Reviews

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Features of The Rusk W8less Hair Dryer:

For the very first time, we came across this particular hair dryer offered by Rusk Engineering; we too were a little bit doubtful seeing people praising this one that highly. And, that’s what dragged us to check out everything in detail which we are going to share you later on in this post.

Now, let’s have a glance at the features of rusk w8less hair dryer at first.

  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Less Operation Noise
  • Salon Quality Dryer
  • Affordable


The very first thing about this hair dryer that crossed our mind is- it’s a powerful 2000 watts dryer! So, if you are looking for a hair dryer for the professional purpose that requires more power, you should stick to this one, I guess.

With its 2000 watts, you’re more likely to get all the airflow power and heat you need for a professional like hair styling. Worried about over drying? Well, you literally don’t need to! It has seven different settings to meet your needs. 😀

Plus, this particular hair dryer by Rusk Engineering uses far infrared heating technology that prevents over drying until you fall asleep while drying your hair.


Being that powerful, you’ll hardly believe if I say it’s lightweight. However, the truth is- this particular model by Rusk is really lightweight, especially when you compare to its massive 2000 watts power capacity.

It’s handy and light enough not to hurt your arm while doing the hair drying job. So, you won’t have issues if your hair requires a little extra time for the style you desire.

Less Operation Noise:

If you are wise enough, you probably won’t waste your time looking for a noiseless hair dryer. Wondering, why? Simply, because, a silent hair dryer is next to impossible to find out.

So, in this case, a hair dryer with less operation noise can be a good choice to go ahead. To meet this need, Rusk engineers have designed this particular model to have less noise while operating.

Salon Quality Dryer:

If you want me to be too specific to express my insights in a single word, I would say- it’s a salon quality dryer with plenty of features to offer you. It has seven different settings to combine heat and airflow that you need for perfect hair styling as you desire.

Again, it also features Cool Shot that helps to set your newly styled hair in place quickly and effortlessly. What is more do you need to style your hair the way you want?


Price is one of the most notable factors that encourages or discourages any buying decision as always. The same rule also applies in this case as well. It’s true that this specific hair dryer model by Rusk Engineering is not cheap, but not too pricey to break your bank as well.

Compared to the quality and the features, you will probably agree with me that it’s Affordable. Yes, it is affordable, unless you have a close-feasted budget for the hair dryer.

Should You Buy the Rusk W8less 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer?

Well, by the time you have scrolled down to this particular section of our post, you have probably made your mind to go for the Rusk W8less 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer.

If you are still in two minds and unable to decide whether or not to purchase this one, let me clarify a few things in the following.

First of all, personally, I was convinced by the features that the dryer has to offer me as a hair styling enthusiast. Yes, it might not seem that perfect at the very first sight, but if you can negotiate a few things, especially the price, it’s almost perfect as the rest of the expensive hair dryers out there.

I really don’t want to argue. However, that facts are-

  • It heats well with its massive 2000 watts power feature
  • It has the Ceramic and Tourmaline infusion
  • It comes with a far infrared heating system with seven heat or speed settings, whatever you call it
  • It is featured with removable rear filter and concentrator nozzle
  • It has the most useful Cold Shot feature that makes hair styling quicker and effortless
  • And last but not the least, it’s handy, lightweight and ergonomically designed by Rusk Engineering

Considering all these, it’s up to you now to decide whether you should buy the rusk w8less 2000 watts professional hair dryer or look further. If you are still in a dilemma, hang on and keep scrolling to the bottom of the page before you move on to the next and experience the same.

How We Tested?

Picking the best hair dryer has always been a challenge for all of us, especially when there’re hundreds to choose from, right? Wondering, how would you pick the best one for you then?

No worries! We did the job for you and tested the hair dryer before proceeded to write this rusk w8less hair dryer reviews. Here is what and how we checked the hair dryer:

How Easy Is the Dryer to Use?

While testing the hair dryer, the very first thing we tested was- the ease of use. We asked our users to check out how comfortable is the dryer to hold, how easy are the temperature and speed controls to operate while using. Again, we also asked them to check out the features like the cool shot and share their honest remarks.

And, what we got is- most of their feedbacks were absolutely positive, and they hardly faced issues with using the rusk w8less hair dryer.

How Quick Can It Get the Job Done?

As per our test users remarked, with its 2000 watts power, the hair dryer is quick enough to get your hair styling done compared to other available models in the same range.

We tested combining both the minimum and maximum heat and air-speed settings. You can expect to have a quick blast plus gentle dry with this particular model offered by Rusk.

However, for your kind information, some of them end up with issues regarding the temperature and air-flow setting toggle buttons.

How Heavy Is It?

Despite the 2000 watts tag in the title of the hair dryer, it’s still lightweight. And, on the top of that, it’s designed such a way that feels comfortable to ensure maximum ease of use.

Weighing less than a pound, you can expect to get the dryer too handy to use all day long and at the same time powerful enough to meet your hair styling needs.

No matter whether you have long and thick, or even curly hair that requires a bit longer getting dry, you won’t experience arm aching, I hope.

Rusk W8less 2000 watts Hair Dryer is perfectly balanced to see and feel lightweight. So, you won’t have to worry about its weight and ease of use.

How Much Noise Does It Make?

Compared to the rest of the models in the same range, the motor of this particular hair dryer fairly quiet. If you look at it from the power perspective, I guess, you won’t think twice to regard this one as almost noiseless.

In short, you can expect to hear others without any issues even when running the dryer at the max speed.

How Effective Is the Dryer for Styling?

Well, as mentioned earlier, this particular Rusk hair dryer model comes with Cold Shot feature to make hair styling comparatively quicker and effortless. You can expect to have a stress-free and smoother hair styling experience with this one as claimed by our test users.

Areas That Could Use Improvement with Rusk W8less Hair Dryer:

Personally, I don’t have any complaint rather I’m impressed by the overall performance of this dryer so far.However, as per the users’ opinion and tests’ result, the switches sometimes get bumped as placed inside of the handlebar.

So, you may end up with an accidental change in the heat, and airflow speeds provided that you’re out of mind and not careful too much while blow drying your hair. Apart from that, we noticed a few complaints regarding the concentrator falling off as it tends to become loose with time.

And, to be very frank, you are more likely to experience the same with other hair dryers as well regardless how much it costs.So, you have to compromise, especially in this case, notwithstanding which brand and model of hair dryer you go for.

Bottom Line:

While we are about to conclude our rusk w8less hair dryer review, we expect that you read between the lines and came across the reasons to go for this particular hair dryer.

Now, it’s up to you and the budget you have set for the hair dryer to proceed further and have this one. Hope this post was helpful and you enjoyed reading!

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