How to Make a Wall Garden

If you are thinking about making a walled garden, you have taken the first step. The next steps are more specific and involve gathering all the materials and building the wall. The first step is planning. To make a successful walled garden, you will need the following items:

Making a Wall Garden

A plot of land, preferably in a place with mild to moderate weather, at least six feet by eight feet, with room to spread out. It would help if you planned how to make a walled garden to include several types of plants, possibly two or three types of flowers, a small vegetable garden, and possibly a wooded area for mulching.

The most important item here is to make sure the plot has plenty of drainages. Watering the area will be difficult if the soil is sandy or clay prone. Once you decide what type of garden you want, it is time to get to work.

The first step you should undertake is the layout stage.

This is basically where you measure how large your garden will be and how to make it look good from the inside and out. It makes sense to take your time and view as many photos as possible of walled gardens when you do this first step.

Decide materials

After you have done this, you are ready to decide which materials you will use and the best locations for them. For example, if you are building a fence, you want to ensure it is placed. 

That will not get in the way of walking, kids, pets, or the general flow of your garden. This next stage requires you to think about how to make a walled garden look good.

Colors you want

To make a walled garden look nice, you need to think about what colors you want and the effects you want them to have. There are thousands of colors you can use for walls. If you are using white paint, then paint the walls in the color you want.

However, if you are using a color that clashes with everything else in your yard, then maybe you should choose another color for the walls. If you want a more natural effect, you can choose pale green paint for your walls.

Using the right paint

In addition to using the right paint colors, you also have many garden design ideas that you can incorporate into your garden design. A centerpiece is one idea that many people use to make their garden attractive.

You can purchase beautiful centerpieces that sit on the table or stand on the ground. The key to decorating your wall garden is to match the centerpiece with the rest of your garden.

Locations in your home.

Other garden design ideas include hanging birdhouses from the rafters or other locations in your home. These can be great places for birds to nest. You can also place a climbing vine between your bushes to add interest to your garden as well.

These vines are usually used to give the illusion of height. You can buy these at most garden stores, or you can find a design online.

Hanging baskets

Another good idea for your how to make a walled garden is to add something called hanging baskets. You can put baskets in all sorts of locations in your yard.

For example, you might place one basket under a tree so that a bumblebee can enjoy eating bugs. It could place another basket under the tree to attract hummingbirds. It’s all up to you and the plants that you choose to place in your garden.


These garden designs will be especially helpful when temperatures drop outside. As you can see, there are several ways to make a walled garden, and the best part is that it doesn’t take a lot of work to make one.

If you have an empty wall or want to fill a space in your yard, this is a great option to consider.

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