How to Hang Outdoor String Lights – 5 Easy Steps

There is no doubt that hanging outdoor string light fixtures is one of the most exciting things you can do with your yard during the evening. However, it can be easy to get confused, especially with the different types of outdoor string lighting available today.

It can be not easy, especially if you have never tried doing it yourself before. To make it easier for you, I have listed the following easy steps to hang outdoor string lights in Easy Steps.

Step One:

The first step is to find the right outlet for your new string lights. This is where the magic happens and will ultimately determine the succeeding steps. It would help if you found an outlet at least two feet away from the deck or structure you intend on putting them on. 

The best way to figure out where the outlet should be is to look at the ground or from where you are going to hang them. If you want to hang them near a deck, then you need to locate a few trees near your home.

Depending on the tree’s height and the direction they face, the outlet may need to be at least two to three feet above the ground.

Step Two:

Now it is time to figure out how you will hang the lights. The first thing you need to do is to figure out where you will mount the light fixtures. Typically, you will mount the lights at the bottom of a pole. The reason why you should do this is so you won’t trip over it and hurt yourself.

When you have found your location, you will need to find two different bulbs that are a few inches apart but not too close. Plugin the batteries into both of the bulbs.

Step Three:

When the cords are plugged in and the lights connected, it is time to hang the lights from the deck. To do this, you need to make sure that your legs are about a foot from the ground. Your lights should be facing the down street and also away from your home.

Using a piece of string or ribbon, start to suspend the lights at their highest point. You can either use screws or hooks, depending on your preference.

Step Four:

Now that the strings and bulbs are suspended, it is time to hang the lights from the ladder. Start by setting one end of the string light between the two hooks at the top of the ladder. Tie one end of the ribbon or string to the other end of the hook.

Use the zip ties or hooks to hold the ends of the string in place. If using zip ties, make sure that they are secure before hanging them from the ladder.

Step Five:

After hanging the lights from the ladder, it is time to attach them to the outlet. To do this, it is important to have a basic understanding of how an outlet works.

An outlet is the spade part that comes out of your wall to plug in all the things you would like to use for electrical power in your home. At the same time, there are three wires attached to the outlet that is the blue, black, and white.

Final Step

The last step is to connect the string lights to the outlet by using the blue and black wires to attach to the corresponding cups. When you will complete it, you can now twist the ends of the wire into a secure position.

Then, you can now attach the cup hooks onto the extension cord at the top of the lights. Finally, you can now attach the cable clamps to hold the wire in place.

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