How to Grow High Porosity Hair in the Best Way

High porosity hair is the type of hair that can easily absorb oils, water, and some other hair treatment products.

Most often, this type of hair is caused or associated with hair styling and processing treatments such as bleaching, blow-drying, straightening, and chemical applications.

The Attributes of High Porosity Hair

You are experiencing high porosity hair if you have the following cases:

  • Your hair infrequently appears shiny
  • Always feels and appears dry
  • Soaks up products fast
  • The hair dries fast
  • Looks frizzy
  • Sensitive to breakage
  • Easily tangles
  • Speedy loss of moisture

A better high porosity hair care regimen is the answer to any hair that is high in porosity.

How to Grow High Porosity Hair

Do you have high porosity hair and thinks there is no more hope for you? You are not alone in this struggle because I have good news for you.

With the best and effective high porosity hair routine, you can grow the high porosity hair you want.

High Porosity Hair Routine Secrets for the Best Hair Growth

The goals of a high porosity hair care regimen are to reduce and reverse the damage done to the hair cuticle and help your hair to maintain its moisture.

Continue reading to know the regimen for high porosity curly hair and other things worrying you about your highly porous hair.

Here’s the ultimate high porosity hair routine you can use to grow your hair.

1. Apply Aloe Vera

When it comes to how to grow highly porous hair, don’t underrate the power of Aloe Vera. It is a powerful high porosity hair routine for locking in moisture and closing the stubborn cuticles.

Apply Aloe Vera as pre-leave in the treatment of your high porosity hair. With Aloe Vera, highly porous hair will feel and appear soft.

2. Use Minimum Heat

High porosity curly hair needs less heat, making it different from the low porosity hair.

High porosity hair is sensitive to dryness and is always for moisture. Adding heat most often can cause the curls of your hair to dry out.

You will desire to seal the hair and close those gaps because high porosity curly hair contains holes and gaps.

The first step to take is to wash your hair so that cool water will seal the moisture for frizz to be avoided.

Make sure you air-dry your hair at the end of the process to prevent a blow dryer or hooded dryer.

3. Detangle High Porosity Curly Hair Properly

High porosity curly hair can be drier. As a result, you must be very careful regarding how you manage it.

Detangling your hair regularly should be part of your high porosity hair care regimen to prevent breakage.

In doing this, make sure you use conditioner or pre-cleansing products. These cleansers are vast when it comes to melting knots away and helping you to get rid of tangles gently.

Detangle your high porosity hair carefully and twist the completed parts to prevent further knots.

Continue with your regular wash routine once you have detangled your high porosity curly hair.

4. Coconut Oil High Porosity Hair Care Regimen

Use the coconut oil high porosity hair care regimen to grow your highly porous hair because these oil treatments are great for the high porosity hair.

Coconut oil will fill broken cuticles and reduce your porosity. It is among the best oils used for treating high porosity hair.

5. Protein Regimen

Gaps can be in the strand of your hair if you have high porosity hair. With these gaps, your hair can snap, making it break easily.

Using protein high porosity hair routine regularly will strengthen your hair and make it grow.

Applying protein to your highly porous hair will fill in the gaps in your hair. This will not only help in strengthening the strands but also prevent your hair from breaking easily.

If you want to grow your high porosity hair fast and easy, incorporate the protein regimen.

6. Grow High Porosity Hair with Natural Oils and Heavier Hair Products

When you use heavy hair products on your high porosity hair, it will strengthen then hair sealing from the oil or butter, which will make up for the missing protective layer.

However, ensure that you verify the ingredients on the label of the product of your choice to confirm if it has heavy oils such as castor, olive, or avocado oil.

7. Use Protective Styling

Protective style routine is a must for high porosity hair. This is to give your hair a break it needs from manipulation.

Protective styling will also give your hair the space to strengthen and grow without stress.

Using small manipulative styles is the solution here. But jumbo braid left for three months is not protective any longer as your hair is likely to be dirty with plenty of grim and build up.

This will eventually block the follicles of your hair and prevent your hair from growing.

8. Apply High Porosity Moisturizer

High porosity curly hair and naturally curly hair are curly with a tight texture. Therefore, it can be difficult for moisture to go down to the follicle of your hair follicle like straight hair.

This will cause your textured hair to get drier and very tough to treat or maneuver.

Thirsty and dry high porosity hair needs high porosity hair moisturizer to retain its moisture for a very long time.

It creates frizzy, lifeless, and dry curls. Therefore, applying high porosity hair moisturizer will strengthen and keep your high porosity hair moisturized.

Apply high porosity moisturizer to your hair at least once in a week to revamp damaged hair, moisturize, and strengthen your dry hair.

It is suggested that you use a high porosity moisturizer leave and a gel before sealing your hair to prevent frizz.

Bottom Line

When you grow high porosity hair, it will be easier for oils and water to be absorbed. Nevertheless, it will be difficult for your hair to retain the required moisture, and this will cause frizzy, dry, and sensitive to breakage and tangle hair.

If you grow high porosity hair, you can implement the best high porosity hair care regimen to improve the health of your hair and make it easier to manage and care for.

With the high porosity hair routine and how to grow high porosity hair discussed above, you can now manage your highly porous hair effectively.

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