How to Cut Your Own Long Curly Hair at Home

How to Cut Your Own Long Curly Hair at Home

Curly hair is a whole different thing when it comes to having your hair cut. Curly hair is better left to the professionals when you want to re-shape or re-style your hair.

However, if you are really eager to cut your own hair at home, you must be very cautious and follow some tips accordingly. Here is what you need to keep in mind before proceeding to cut long curly hair at home.

How to Cut Your Own Long Curly Hair at Home?

I am a 24 years old girl with curls, and I usually cut my own hair whenever I plan to bring a change in my appearance.

Like me, if you want to do the same, you need to have patience at first as it needs time to cut your own curly hair. Moreover, you have to practice a lot to get your hair in shape as well.

For now, let’s check out how to have your hair cut at home, especially when you have curly hair. Let’s jump right in!

Practice A Lot:

You probably know that practice makes a man perfect. And, this saying is the ultimate truth when it comes to having your hair cut at home.

When you are not pleased with the result of the first time of cutting, you should not take it for granted. Wait for two more months and try again. Adjust your hair the way you want and put much effort into keeping your hands at ease.

Have Patience and Stay Calm:

Cutting down your hair for the first time may seem terrifying to you mingled with fear and nervousness. You may feel like intimidating at some points but relax! It is normal, and from my experience, I can tell you that it happens to most of us.

Always keep in mind that your hair can be fixed up and re-shaped by a professional if you somehow jack up your hair. So, stay calm and have patience.

Perfectionists Need Not Apply:

My experience says, cutting down your own curls for the first time is an adventure. After cutting the curls, you may find that the one side is a bit longer than the other side and it may disappoint you.

You may even find a lot of imperfections after the haircut as well. You may feel guilty at this point but take it as a game and try to re-shape again.

Think Twice Before Cutting:

I repeat, think twice before cutting your hair. If you have any upcoming event soon, it’ll be a suggestion not to cut your hair by yourself.

You may mess up everything by doing this.Anyway, when you are mentally prepared for cutting your curls by your own, it’s time to gather the stuff that will aid to do the task.

Make sure you have a fine-tooth comb, sharp scissors, and water ready at hand and then proceed with the following tips:

How to Cut the Hair Short:

  • At first, you need to decide how much you want to cut your hair and how long you want the hair to be. Then detangle your hair from root to tip.
  • Spray water onto your hair and make it wet so that it becomes easier to cut the hair.
  • Now divide your hair into two sections. Bring each section over the neck and put two hair ties above the length you want to cut. If you have shorter hair and cannot pull your hair front and make a ponytail, use bobby pins and hair clips to lock the hair.
  • Now, take a deep breath, relax and start to cut long curly hair from one side. When I had my haircut at the very first time, I did a choppy and long bob cut. So, I had to cut my hair straight, and the ends were like blunt ends. If you want your hair like mine, you can follow the tips, if not then cut the way you want it to look. Always try to find out in what direction your hair is coming from and then cut from that side.
  • Do the same thing from the other side as well.
  • Now, pull your hair into a low ponytail and then lock that point with a hair clip. Now, cut the ends and eliminate the V shape. However, if you like your hair to be in this shape from the back side, then you have to skip this step.
  • At this point, you have to re-shape the hair by trimming the ends. Cut the strangely long ends. You can mix the blunt edges and softer angles instead of cutting straight. The angler one looks great when your hair grows up.
  • Now, it’s time to comb the hair with a fine-tooth comb and look at it from every angle. Clean up the areas that need to do little bit tweaking. Take a shower with mild shampoo and let the hair dry. Now, look at the hair again to find out if there are any long ends to cut off. Do the procedure unless you get the right cut for your long curly hair. Remember, when you have curls, and you decided to cut it all by yourself, it may need a few hours to finish the process. Take your time and never rush or it will get ruined.

How to Cut the Hair into Layers:

  • If you want your hair to cut into layers, first you need to bend your head forward and then tie the hair with an elastic hair band on your forehead.
  • If you want some subtle curls yet long hair, slide the hair band down the ends. However, if you wish to have shorter hair, you have to slide the hair band down, and you need to leave the major part of hair into the ponytail.
  • Hold your hair tight and cut a straight line without shaking your hand.
  • Now untie the elastic and see how it looks. Trim if needed and there you go!

Bottom Line

While concluding the post, we hope you read between the lines and come to know how to cut long curly hair at home. Now, it’s your turn to check it out yourself and re-style your hair the way you want.

And, one more thing, don’t hesitate to ask me if you have anything to know about hair care, especially curly hair. Hope the post was helpful and you enjoyed reading!

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