How to Clean Washing Machine Drum

Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to clean your washing machine. This method will work on a front-loading washing machine, but obviously, the instructions do change for other types. If in doubt, consult the manual. I’ve listed what I think are the main areas that call for attention.

How to clean white washing machines: 

  • What you will need:
  • White vinegar.
  • A spray bottle.
  • Hot water. 
  • Four to five cups of vinegar

What to do next: 

The next step is to turn the machine on. Next, spray the vinegar in all the designated places, making sure there are no missed spots. Pour the hot water over the vinegar. Once you see that all the Odors have been soaked, flush the toilet. The rest should be easy.

How to clean white top-loading washing machines:

What you will need: 

  • White vinegar. 
  • Hot water. 
  • Four to five cups of vinegar. 
  • A spray bottle with hot water. 
  • Top loading washing machines have a drain in the bottom.

What to do next:

  1. After filling the vinegar spray bottle, fill the bottom of the washer by loosening the drain nut.
  2. Pour the white vinegar down the drain, starting at the bottom.
  3. Please wait until the machine starts to agitate the vinegar and let it run through the wash cycle. If there are stains, wipe them off.

How to clean black top-load washing machines: What to do next: Add vinegar to a spray bottle and pour it over the top of the washer. Please wait till the machine starts to agitate it, and then remove the top and allow it to run through the wash cycle. If there are stains, wipe them off. Again, if there are no spots, rinse. Then, follow the instructions above.

How to clean white top-load washing machines:

What to do next:

  • Add vinegar to a spray bottle, and spray over the areas where you think there may be stains.
  • Add enough vinegar to make it heavy enough to soak up the odors, and then wait for the machine to start to agitate it.
  • You can use a cloth to wipe off the excess vinegar.

That’s all!

The basic step-by-step process for cleaning washing machines is relatively easy but can take some practice to master. If you struggle with any of the above or don’t understand how to clean your washer, use the above as a general guide.

Keep in mind that washing machines are very different from cars or televisions and that if you have any questions, you should always contact the manufacturer.

How to clean a white top-loading washing machine without using detergent:

After removing the top, you’ll want to use a non-abrasive sponge or scrubbing pad to carefully scrub the drum with a mixture of diluted vinegar and water. Make sure to keep the detergent away from the sewing area and not on the delicate sewing equipment itself. Let the white vinegar sit for a few minutes before scrubbing it all away.

Repeat this process with the other side of the drum. Once the entire drum is clean and you’re happy that the washer is once again fully functional, spray the exterior of the drum with the baking soda and water mixture and gently scrub the exterior.

How to clean a dryer vent:

This process requires access to a dryer repair guide, which you will probably need. First, you’ll need to remove the white vinegar mixture from the dryer. Using a spray bottle or a sponge dipped in white vinegar, gently scrub the dryer vent until it is free of any debris. 

Once the vent is free of any debris, spray it down with the baking soda and water mixture. Allow it to dry completely before returning it to the dryer.

How to clean a dryer drum:

If you still have the drum in your machine, you can follow the same steps when you unplug the machine. However, this time you will also need to be careful of any sharp edges that may cut yourself on when trying to pry the drum open. 

When the drum is fully opened and removed from the machine, spray it down with the cleaner of choice and wipe it down using a clean rag or paper towels. Once thoroughly clean, spray it again with the vinegar and water mixture and let it dry. You may want to add a light layer of oil to make the drum feel smoother when you next handle it.

How to clean a washer vent: 

Before you begin cleaning the dryer vent, you will need to make sure that there is no accumulated grime on the exterior of the vent. You will need to take a razor and cut out any hairline or other protruding object on the vent to clean it. 

After doing this, you can spray the vent with the cleaning solution and gently scrub it down. If there are stubborn bits of grime, you may need to scrub them until they are dissolved gently. After doing this, you can then spray them again with the cleaner and allow them to dry.

How to clean a washer dryer drum:

Once you have taken off the exterior of the drum, you are ready to start cleaning the insides. To do this, you will need a soft sponge or clean cloth and a cup of liquid detergent.

Spray a cup of detergent onto the drum, ensuring that it does not create a foaming effect. Then wipe down the entire drum and allow it to air dry.

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