How to Clean a Cast Iron Cookware skillet

A cast-iron skillet has different properties than other pans made out of other materials. It can easily hold oil, water, or grease. Thus, it can be very hazardous when not properly cleaned. 

One should never attempt to clean a cast-iron skillet on one’s own, as even the smallest amount of food particles leftover on the skillet may lead to the development of rust. Therefore, how to clean a cast-iron skillet in easy steps.

Cleaning a Cast Iron Cookware skillet

The first step is to ensure that you have removed all the seasoning from the pan. If you have used any seasoning, it should be wiped off immediately to prevent it from sticking to the surface of the metal.

Cast-iron contains a good amount of seasoning because of its great ability to hold oil and grease.

Liquid soap into a cup

You should pour one tablespoon of liquid soap into a cup and add a quarter cup of hot water. Use a scrub brush to clean the skillet thoroughly. 

Scrub the entire surface of the pan until the soap is completely remove. Rinse the skillet well using clean hot water. Repeat the procedure until you will satisfy that there is no soap exist in the pan.

Use oil Method

Second, you should add two tablespoons of cooking oil into your frying pan and turn on the stove. Once the oil gets hot, you should turn on the burner and heat the oil until it starts to shimmer. 

When the oil gets to this point, you should remove the skillet from the heat and place it on a clean surface. It would be best to scrub the entire skillet with a sponge. Or a rag to remove the remaining dirt and grime. When the dirt will remove, you should rinse the skillet and place it back onto the heat.

The third step is removing the food from the nonstick surface.

You should first pour some soap into a cup and add salt into it. Then, add your nonstick pan and mix it with your hands. Use the mixture to scrub the entire surface until the soap is completely removing.

Clean sponge

After doing all the steps stated above, you should take a clean sponge and dip it into a bowl of light coating oil. It would help to scrub the scrubbing in a circular motion until the entire surface is clean.

The oil should reach all parts of the cast-iron pan, including the part where the handle locks. After that, you should re-do the cleaning process by adding a fourth cup of soap. And working in a circular motion until the soap has been completely removed from the pan. After that, you should repeat the process with the other side of your McManus.


When you want to know how to clean a McManus, you should also know how to clean other types of metal cookware such as cast-iron pans. It is not only McManus that can benefit from using the right kind of cleaners.

It can also restore other types of cookware made out of steel or aluminum to their former glory once properly cleaned. In addition, you can save a lot of money if you could clean the McManus without having to hire a professional.

All you need to do is mix up a solution made out of mild dish soap and two cups of warm water. Dipping the stainless steel pan in the solution. It will help loosen the hardened residue that makes the pan look worn out.

Heat the soapy water.

Then, heat the soapy water until it is just hot enough to dissolve the soap mixture. Once the solution has been dissolved, you can wipe the skillet with a clean wet cloth to remove the excess water.

Reusing the pan will ensure that you never run the risk of rusting the cast-iron pan again. So, start your shopping list today and find yourself an easy how to clean a cast-iron skillet.

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