How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace – A DIY Guide

Are you looking for how to build an outdoor fireplace in Easy steps? Don’t get intimidated right away. Building your fireplaces is not as hard as it seems. With a few basic tools and the right kind of guidance, you too can learn how to build an outdoor fireplace in 5 easy steps.

Build an Outdoor Fireplace

Choose Your Fireplace Kit How to build an outdoor fireplace in Easy steps begins with picking out your fire pit or fireplace kit. There are several kinds to choose from, but one that is perfect for your home is a concrete chimney.

A concrete chimney is created by pouring base concrete around the perimeter of your burning container. You then pour in an assortment of beautiful stones that range from faux marble, sandstone to flagstone pavers.

You can use pebbles, stones, or brick to customize the look, but the bottom line is that your chimney should be a nice, sturdy concrete surface so that it will last a long time.

Build a Base Strainer Stack

Next Step Build a Base Strainer Stack After you have your fireplace kit, you need to put your concrete foundation. To do this Step, make sure that your outdoor patio has a secure floor for walking around on. For safety’s sake, you’ll want to build a “strainer stack.”

This is simply a series of four posts designed to keep the footing stable when building your outdoor fireplace in Easy steps. The easiest way to build a strainer stack is to follow the instructions provided with your outdoor fireplace kit. Follow these steps to lay down your base concrete.


Build a Chimneystack When you build a chimney stack, you’ll have two more essential pieces to the how-to build an outdoor fireplace puzzle. The first is the ceramic flue pipe; this is a longer pipe about 12 inches wide and over four feet long.

It extends from the outside of the fireplace to the inside. Just like the Baseboard, it extends out for stability and then returns to its original shape.

The second essential piece is the angle bar. 

This is a straight, square steel rod that serves as the focal point of the fireplace kits. Just like the bricks in the base, it goes out and back towards the fireplace. From there, you’ll need to build the bricks to build the structure of your chimney.

This is the best way to build an outdoor fireplace that looks like a professional builder set out the blueprint. From here, you fill in your Concrete and mortar.

Final Steps to Build the Stairs.

This is the last and, by far, one of the most important steps to build an outdoor fireplace. After all of the pipes, flues, and bricks are in place. You’ll finally need to build the final Step, the stairway.

This stairway doesn’t have to be fancy; it can just be a staircase leading up to the fireplace. However, if you want the look of a library or a cave, you can choose to build stone stairs instead of wood. Just be sure to make sure they’re solid and hold up against wind and weather damage.

Build the Baseboard To finish your project.

You’ll need to complete the Baseboard with bricks, mortar, and Concrete. The type of board you use will depend upon your budget and how intricate you’d like the look. For a simple effect, you can cover the board with a variety of different colors of mortar. It can also apply bold domains or decorative tints to the board.

You may also choose to paint the board in your favorite color scheme, but remember, if you ever decide to paint it, you’ll need to sand the board first to remove any old paint that may remain.

The Baseboards. 

When you’ve finished assembling the steps above, you can move on to the bases, including the cinder blocks and mortar. 

To assemble the cinder blocks:

  1. Lay down one block on top of every other until your fireplace is full-sized.
  2. Arrange the remaining bricks in the pattern on top of the first block.
  3. Apply your mortar, and let your fireplace dry for a few days before painting.

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