How To Bleach Dark Hair Without Damage

Bleaching dark hair can be a bit complicated. It takes a while and needs you to focus on your hair strands.

To bleach black hair is more of a procedure and takes time to lift your darker hair.

Is your hair dehydrated? Have you dyed your hair recently? Do you have split ends on your hair?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then it may not be the appropriate time to bleach dark hair. If not, you will expose your hair to the unavoidable cruel damage associated with bleaching dark hair.

How to Bleach Dark Hair

You will need the strongest and best products made for bleaching dark hair to avoid the risk of damaging your hair in the process. Before delving further into how to bleach black hair, it is noteworthy that you look for help from an expert in this field.

Experts will appraise your hair to know how it’s performing and the kind of care it needs.

Tips and Tricks You Need to Bleach Dark Hair Easily

    • Do the strand test:

Before bleaching dark hair, perform the strand test by checking the product you want to use before using it on all parts of the hair. Dab bleaching formula on your hair strand and set the timer to 5 minutes to get the right outcome.

    • Moisturize the hair:

Hair bleaching is tremendously depleting. However, it is ruthless when bleaching dark hair. Hence, moisturize your hair before you start the bleaching process to avoid damage.

    • Divide your hair into parts:

Divide your hair into 3 to 5 sections and bleach segment by segment. This will make your strands completely saturated and allow your whole hair to be evenly dyed without leaving some parts muddy or splotchy.

    • Get yourself protected:

Bleach is harsh on the hair. Therefore, protect yourself by wearing clothes that you no longer need. Also, carry out the bleaching process in a roomy place.

Moreover, it is recommended that you apply petroleum jelly on your ears, forehead, and neck. This will build a barrier between the bleach and your skin to reduce color staining and irritation.

    • Start the bleaching:

apply the bleach uniformly from the roots of your hair to the tips. Begin at around one centimeter away from your scalp and saturate every section completely before moving to another.

Fold your foils or wear your processing cap after covering all the sections of your hair. It is a must for you to check your strand every 5 to 7 minutes. Wash away the bleach once the time is up.

    • Use a toner as you wait:

Toners are designed to protect you if you don’t want to expose your hair to excessive bleach. It balances the appearance of dyed locks and prevents the orangey/yellowish pigment left after the first color lift.

Procedures for Bleaching Dark Hair

Bleaching dark hair must follow certain procedures to achieve its purpose. Failure to follow these processes can cause damage to your hair.

Before you bleach black hair, you must first put your hair in a perfect condition and wait for a minimum of one month after straightening it. Failure to wait will cause your hair to break and brittle.

Do not wash your hair for some days before you bleach it to make your scalp less prone to chemicals and less sensitive to abrasions.

Materials Needed to Bleach Black Hair

  • Protein balancing conditioner
  • Plastic or Latex gloves
  • Balancing shampoo to restore the pH balance of your hair when you finish.
  • A plastic or glass bowl (avoid metal)
  • Color toner
  • One tinting brush
  • One plastic cap or plain visible plastic bag big enough to cover your hair
  • A rat-tail comb
  • Blue or purple bleaching powder. Any of these two powders will help to reduce brassiness.
  • The peroxide cream developer of a suitable strength

Steps to Bleaching Dark Hair

Successful bleaching of dark hair involves the following steps.

    • Step 01 –

Split your hair into 4 different parts — 2 in the front of your head, and two at the back. Hold the hair with clips. But if your hair is extremely short, this will be impossible.

    • Step 02 –

This is the stage where you will mix your cream developer and the bleaching powder, depending on the directions on the container of the product.

    • Step 03 –

Brush the bleaching mixture from each end of your hair down to the roots, beginning from the back of your head, but do not cover the root yet. Bleaching dark hair is complicated at this stage, and you need somebody to assist you.

Also, it would be best if you work faster, or else the color of your hair will turn out bumpy.

    • Step 04 –

After working through all the 4 segments, apply your bleach on the roots of your hair beginning from the back of your head. To get this done, you have to expose the roots of your hair by thoroughly flipping and parting your hair with the tip of a tinting brush or a rat tail comb.

Start working from the top of your head through to the nape of your neck at the back area, and from the middle to the sides of your head in the front segments. Do not allow the product to touch your scalp so that you will not have chemical abrasions.

Why you leave your roots till the last is for the heat emanating from your head to make the bleach develop faster than when it goes down the hair. Do not try covering your entire head at the same time so that the color of your hair will not turn out to be uneven.

    • Step 05 –

It’s time to put a bag or plastic cap over your hair (the heat from beneath the plastic enhances lifts), then wait for forty to sixty minutes, looking at the color at every 10 minutes interval. The bleach will stop working at the end of 60 minutes.

If you leave it on your hair for more than that, it will damage your scalp and hair without giving any additional lightening effect. You will experience a bit of uneasiness as the bleach is working because bleaching dark hair is all about applying chemicals on your head. But wash your head with cold water immediately, if the discomfort becomes unbearable.

    • Step 06 –

Finally, wash the underneath of your hair with lukewarm water once it reaches the light yellow stage.

Bottom Line

To bleach black hair can be time-consuming and needs paying adequate attention to the strands. It is even trickier and more complicating than when you want to bleach lighter hair. That is why it is essential to seek the help of an experienced or professional hairdresser to carry out this process under the safety of a salon.

You can also bleach black hair all alone if you understand the process involved. Do you want to do it yourself and avoid going to a professional hairdresser to save some bulks? These tips on how to bleach black hair will help you.

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