Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

Finding the perfect gift for anyone or any occasion is challenging as always. Choosing the right gift for bird lovers is no exception. And, with so many things available in the market, picking the best present for birders is indeed overwhelming. Not sure what to go for? Don’t worry!

We’ve got your back! Here is a variety of gift ideas for bird lovers to enhance the birding experience of your near and dear ones. Let’s check them out!

Birding Binocular:

Birding Binocular is the most essential tool for any birder, novice, or pro. However, with hundreds of models out there on the market, finding the best binocular for birders can be a daunting job if you don’t know how to pick one.

Again, the budget becomes a notable concern in terms of the best one sometimes. Considering all these, make sure to check out how to choose the best binoculars for every budget.

Spotting Scope:

A spotting scope is another essential birdwatching equipment and can be a praiseworthy gift for bird watchers, especially for advanced ones. Scopes are second to none when it comes to observing a bird extremely far off the birder’s position.

Spotting scope comes with an incredible magnification power, and they are pretty costlier than binoculars. If you have a decent budget, consider a birding scope for your loved ones to take their experience to the next level.

Camera and Lenses:

If you noticed your birder buddy is interested in bird photography, a quality camera could be the most surprising gift for sure. However, unlike regular photography cameras, birding cameras require some special features like incredible low-light performance, continuous full resolution shooting, faster autofocus, etc.

You will find a handful number of cameras and lenses on the market dedicated to bird photography. So, get one that suits your budget to bring the sights of these beautiful and colorful creatures live in the frame.

Power Bank:

Nothing can be more frustrating than finding your phone run out of battery, especially when you are in the wild and want to capture the photos of a colorful bird you encountered. Power Banks can be a lifesaver in such cases.

Anyway, when purchasing a power bank for the birders, make sure it supports fast-charge and comes with a durable exterior to withstand accidental drops.

Field Guide:

Field guides are another vital birdwatching equipment and can be considered a decent gift for birders to encourage them to explore new spots. A standard birding field guide contains images and illustrations of different bird species found within the region, their plumage, life cycles, habits, and so many things associated with the birds in detail.

National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, The Sibley Guide to Birds, 2nd Edition, Effin’ Birds: A Field Guide to Identification, etc., can be a go-to gift for adult bird lovers.

Birding Checklist:

A birding checklist is another handy gift for bird watchers. It comes with a list of the most common bird species in a particular area. However, like the field guides, it doesn’t contain much detail about every species.

Instead, it’s kind of a card with a list of birds followed by a circle to be ticked or marked once a specific bird is encountered during the outing. It helps the birders to keep records of the birds they come across throughout their expedition.

Bird Feeders:

Setting up bird feeders in your backyard is kind of a grand gesture to the birds as well as to mother nature to an extent. No matter whether it’s blooming spring, scorching summer, or harvesting fall, you will always find at least a few birds in your backyard.

So, setting up feeders over there will surely make the birds feel at home. And, what else can be more rewarding for a bird lover? Moreover, they will add a new dimension to your lawn d├ęcor for sure.

Bird Bath:

Like the bird feeders, setting up a birdbath is another kind gesture towards the feathered friends. It offers the birds a spot to drink as well as clean themselves. Besides, it invites more birds to your backyard. As a result, you are more likely to encounter more birds than ever when setting up a birdbath.

And, this is unquestionably a pleasing experience for a bird lover. So, you can consider a bird birth as a gift for your bird lover, friends, and family members for sure!

Birding Clothes:

It’s true that there’s no specific dress code for birders. They are just like regular clothes with a bit of twist in the message they convey. Yes, and it distinguishes the bird lovers from the common mass.

And a standard T-Shirt, Long Sleeve, Sweatshirt, Hat, or even a pair of gloves with a subliminal message that promotes bird watching or the lover for birds can be an appreciating gift for bird lovers.

Other Birding Accessories:

Apart from the ones listed above, there are countless other birding gadgets and gears that you can offer birders as a present for any special occasion or for no reason at all.

And, with a bit of search, you can even find age-specific gift ideas for bird lovers, including greeting cards, toys, notebooks, journals, pens and papers, apps, games, calendars, and a flock of other presentable stuff. .

In short, anything that a birder can relate to can be a gift for bird lovers

Bottom Line

By the time you scrolled down to this particular section, we expect that you have come across some fantastic gift ideas for bird lovers. Now, it’s your turn to determine at what birding stage the recipient is and choose the gift accordingly. The ideas presented above are kind of a mixture to suit almost everyone that loves birds.

No matter whether they are beginner or expert, novice or advanced, globetrotter or backyard birder, you will always find something special for your dear one!

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