Ceramic vs Titanium Curling Iron

The curling iron is an important hair tool every woman should have. They are essential for curling the hair. The heating device you use in curling your hair is as important as the products you use on your hair. The standard of your curling irons goes a long way in determining how long your curls will last.

Most curling irons are either made of ceramic or titanium materials. Curling irons made from both materials are durable and of excellent quality.

This article will discuss the differences between ceramic vs. titanium curling iron. It will also help you choose the best curling iron for your hair.

Difference between a Ceramic Vs. Titanium Curling iron

The differences between ceramic and titanium curling iron are based on the materials each type of curling iron is made of. The differences between ceramic vs. titanium curling iron are below.

Ceramic curling iron

This type of curling iron is made from ceramics. Ceramic curling irons are heavier in weight and do not produce massive heat. It is the most used curling iron device. They give an even distribution of heat around the hair and make it smooth. Ceramic curling irons also cause less damage to the hair.

Titanium curling iron

On the other hand, a titanium curling iron is made from a white silver material called titanium. It is lightweight, durable, and heats faster, unlike a ceramic curling iron. However, when not used well, the titanium curling iron causes hair damage much more than the ceramic curling iron.

A ceramic curling iron is used for thin hair that cannot withstand high heat. On the other hand, the titanium curling iron can withstand a high heat temperature and is used for thick hair types.

How to choose the right material – Ceramic Vs. Titanium

There are several factors put in place before selecting the suitable curling iron for your hair. Few of them are

Quality of the material

The quality of the ceramic or titanium material used in making the curling iron will determine how durable the material is. The ceramic curling iron is durable but might crack open after being used for a while.

But the Titanium curling iron is much more durable and lasts longer years. It is a rigid material. This rigidness makes it strong to withstand scorching temperatures without cracking. All you need do is clean it up after it has cooled down.

Heat spread

Heat spread is another important factor to consider when choosing the right material for your curling iron. The ceramic curling iron spreads even heat at a moderate temperature, but it takes a longer period to curl hair.

On the other hand, Titanium curling irons reach high heat temperatures faster. As a result, it takes a shorter period to get the curls done.

Hair Texture

Another important factor to consider is your hair texture. The Ceramic curling iron is best for people with thin hair. The Titanium curling iron is best for people with thick or coarse hair. If you have thin hair, do not mistake using a Titanium curling iron because it might damage your hair. However, if you have thick hair, you can use titanium curling iron as it saves curling time.

The ceramic curling iron is used by people just learning how to curl their hair. However, a titanium curling iron is used by professionals for curling hair.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Curling Iron

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium curling iron is available in different sizes. The size of the curling iron you buy depends on the curl saw you need. The titanium curling iron makes use of infrared heat. Infrared heat heats the hair follicle from within without harm.

This curling iron uses sol-gel. Sol-gel changes particles of titanium from a liquid state to a solid state. This results in a more concentrated form of the sol-gel. It also has a turbo heat change button to increase the heat outputs and to get quick results. In addition, they are durable, efficient, and highly resistant to chemicals.

One of the features of this curling iron is that it gives even heat distribution without any hot spots. It also releases negative ions, leaving the hair’s curls smooth and shiny. The curling iron has a heat speed and recovery of 450F degrees. It is also equipped with an 8-inch cord to make styling more comfortable.

It has a temperature styling gauge that measures heat degrees before it is used on any hair type. This gauge helps to reduce frizz and gives you shiny and healthy hair.

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium curling iron has a 2-year warranty and can be replaced if it malfunctions. In addition, it is affordable and easy to carry around. You can also use this curling iron for tight curls or loose waves. It also helps to curl the hair without any damage.


Hoson Ceramic Tourmaline Barrel Hair Curler

Hoson Professional Hair Curler is a hair damage-free ceramic curler. The 1-inch hair curler with ceramic coating barrel keeps hair moisture. This moisture is done by releasing negative ions immediately while working. This wetness creates loose and tender hairstyles. It also makes curls last for a day or two.

The curling iron has an 8.3-inch long barrel, which is more suitable for medium and long hair. It has a dual voltage with 60 minutes auto shut that keeps your things from burning.

The Hoson curling iron has a Dual heater, and the iron will heat up to 225 degrees in only 60 seconds for instant styling. The barrel also gives even heat with minimal hair damage.

The curling iron has an anti-burn insulated tip that makes styling your curls easier and more convenient. It also has a 360° swivel cord long enough to create curls comfortably.

The Hoson professional curling iron makes use of the LCD control function. The display control helps to get steady heating and definite temperature change. These temperature changes suit thin, coarse, and thick hairs, respectively.

One of the benefits of using this curling iron is that it is swift and reduces curling time. In addition, you can see the temperature through the LCD as it heats. This LCD will help you know when you have reached the limit for your hair. The hair curling iron is affordable, lightweight, and easy to use. In addition, it has a return policy if it malfunctions, and you can be refunded.


Bottom Line

There are many differences between ceramic vs. titanium curling iron. However, their price difference will help you choose the curling iron within your budget.

Someone learning how to curl hair should make use of ceramic curling iron. Using ceramic iron is to help you regulate the temperature and not burn your hair. The titanium curling iron is used by professionals and people with experience in using a curling iron.

The best curling iron of all time is the titanium curling iron. This is because of its toughness and long-lasting usage. The titanium curling iron is strong and will not break due to heat or prolonged usage.

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