Most Suitable Way to Remove Hair from Buttcrack with Ease

Are you worried about cleaning your buttock hair properly?

Do you already know only few ways to remove buttcrack hair? Anyway, let me show you alternative ways which might be unknown to you!

Along with removal procedures we will let you know the reason behind buttock’s hair growth, sweating & prevention, pros & cons etc.

Hopefully, you will read the whole article and experiment the suitable method properly.

Why Does Hair Grow on Your Buttocks:

Since the dawn of the human civilization we are carrying the butt hair which is so useful to ensure healthy and comfortable life.

Though buttocks hair grows naturally but there are following reasons:

  • The main objective of butt hair is to prevent different diseases through intercourse and cushioning.
  • It protects two buttocks against chafing while walking, running or whatever we do.
  • Butt hair spreads the bad smell of your sweat.
  • It may attract your sex mate.

7 Best Way to Remove Hair from Buttcrack:

Before deciding the best method it’s better to have ideas on each available methods so that you may choose your preferable method.
But don’t worry! We will recommend you the best one after describing all methods.

Method 1: Waxing

Actually we can’t reach to the butt area with ease. So, you may hire a professional to wax the butt hair.

But if you don’t want to cost money then you can do it by yourself as well.

At the beginning, keep all the materials around you.

We recommend the Honeybee kit because it is inexpensive and all required materials are available in the package.


  • Clean your buttock and use a towel to dry the area.
  • Use the wax on the hair growing area
  • Gently Push the adhesive strip to bond the wax properly
  • tear off the wax quickly against the hair growing direction
  • Clear all buttock hair and use an antiseptic to protect the skin from redness and infection.

Method 2: Sugaring

This is a natural method which ensures long lasting result. Unlike waxing, sugar doesn’t stick on the skin.

It can be cleaned up easily and it doesn’t have harmful side effects.


  • Buy the sugar paste from the shop
  • Clean the butt with water and dry off the area using cotton ball or pre-wax skin cleanser
  • You may use small amount of powder or cornstarch so that the sugar bonds only with the hair.
  • Put the sugar on the microwave for a short time to make the sugar softer.
  • Take a small amount of sugar and roll the sugar to make a ball.
  • Stretch the sugar on the hair in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Firmly press and spread the sugar over the whole area of the hair.
  • Now, at the same direction of the hair growth use a quick flicking motion to put off the sugar.
  • You can try for many time until removing all hairs successfully.

Method 3: Trimming

It is the simplest way to remove long hairs.

Even a normal trimmer with a set of regular buzz clippers which is enough for trimming your butt hair properly.

Actually trimming is not a long lasting solution because it doesn’t remove the hair from the root.

But as it is not hassleful, you can trim anytime.


  • If your skin burns, you may try some body powder as well.
  • Clean the razor properly to remove the bacteria around it. Even you may use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the blades which can kill bacteria. It’s better to use new blades because new blades are sharper and doesn’t need to clean.
  • Now, applying the trimmer cut all of your butt hairs.
  • Use a small amount of shaving gel on the butt. Then rinse the gel and dry your butt.
  • At last, use some antiseptic cream on your buttock to prevent bacteria.
  • Wash your butt and dry with a towel.

Method 4: Shaving

This is the most common and cheapest method. If you shave your own butt hair then it will risky and hard.

So, put a mirror just below of your butt and watch on the mirror while shaving.


  • Take all required materials like razor, shaving cream & mirror.
  • Squat over the floor and apply shaving cream on the butt hair.
  • Put the mirror below of your butt to watch.
  • Now take the razor and shave the butt hair gently.
  • After shaving all hairs wash your buttocks and dry off.
  • Use some antiseptic cream to protect from bacterial infection.

Method 5: Electrolysis

This is a permanent, costly and painful solution.

In this method, the hair is removed from the root. You can’t do this yourself. You have to hire a dermatologist.

Hair growth is disrupted in this method. In the hair follicles the shortwave radio frequencies prevent the hair to grow.

To have the better result you need to have regular appointments with dermatologists.

You may face different side effects like skin discoloration, pain or discomfort, scabs, ingrown hair, bruising, scarring.

Even you can also experience other skin problems like dry skin, dullness, less elasticity and so on.

Method 6: Laser Hair removal

This is also a costly and long lasting hair removal method.

It is better than electrolysis because of less side effects and higher efficient results. This method is getting more popular day by day.

In the laser hair treatment, infrared light is applied on the pigment of hair follicles. Then the light turns to heat and destroy hair follicles.

Within a second, this computer guided system can disable more than hundreds of hair follicles.

Method 7: Using Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are generally known as hair removal creams which can be used without doctor’s permission.

This chemicals obstacles the hair follicles to grow.

Putting these creams for a long term can cause skin burn.

If you have allergy problem then test a small amount of these chemicals.

This is a cheaper method than electrolysis and laser treatment.

But these method is not guaranteed because sometimes it doesn’t perform well with thicker, longer and curlier hair.

Is It Bad to Shave My Buttcrack:

No! It’s not!

Actually, it mainly depends on your health and comfort.

Because, if you have itching problem and feel uneasy then you may shave it or make it shorter.

But Instead of shaving the buttcrack hair, you may cut it short because it is a better for both health and comfort.

Moreover, you may shave or cut butt hair whenever it grows so long which is better for new upcoming hair quality and freshness.

Why Do My Buttocks Sweat So Much & How to Prevent It:

Due to the high temperature of your body your sweat glands is triggered by the nerves system and the buttocks sweat excessively to release the heat.

why does my buttocks sweat so muchEven, you may also face this problem because of medications, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, heart problem and so on.

There are many ways to prevent buttocks sweating like taking cold shower with antiperspirant gel or soap, reducing stress and anxiety, wearing lose pants and underwear, avoid spicy foods etc.

You should change your lifestyle to implement those ideas.

If those ideas don’t work for you then you should visit the skin specialist.

Bottom Line:

Everybody doesn’t have the same situation and financial condition.

But considering the cost, hassle and side effects we recommend you top 3 methods to remove buttcrack hair. You may choose any of those methods:

  • Shaving
  • Trimming
  • Waxing

All of those are cheap and hassle free method. You can do anyone at home by yourself.

All Required materials like razor, shaving cream, antiseptic cream, mirror, trimmer, wax are cheap to buy and easy to apply.

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