16 Blue Hair Color Ideas – A Unique Look in 2020

Changing your hair color is something not every person is comfortable with or willing to do. And when switching to a completely different tone than an ordinary hair color – it is a big decision to make. When going for a drastic change, it helps to know the available variations before making a decision.

From Hailey Baldwin and Lady Gaga to Kim Kardashian and Cardi B, the color blue has been a massive hit for celebrities worldwide. And why shouldn’t it be?

In this article, we will discuss various shades of blue hair dyes and hairstyles that you can use in your hair and feel like a completely changed person.

1. Midnight Blue Hair

Much like its name entails, this is a sophisticatedly dark version of the blue color and gives a mysterious vibe to your hair. With a beautiful long bob or a pointy, sleek bob, this blue dye is bound to provide you with some appreciative looks.

However, make a mental note that this color works best for people who already have darker hair.

2. Dark Blueberry Medium Length Hair

This color looks exquisite, with darker roots melting into the dark navy blue-colored dye in your hair. With slightly longer hair cut in layers or steps, this hair dye provides a unique look giving you both a funky as well as formal look to play with.

You do not have to worry about being too casual or informal because by pinning it back into a ponytail, you can revert to your more serious self when in a formal setting.

3. Dark Blue Curls

For people with curly hair, willing to flaunt their natural waves, this dark blue hair dye is a winner, which is because it accentuates your hair texture by providing an ocean-like color and replicating the waves in the ocean.

A unique mixture of blue and curls meant to drown you into the sea of your beautiful mane.

4. Dark Blue on Long Wavy Hair

If you have slightly wavy hair and a darker shade of hair, an extremely dark blue hair dye is a great way to show off the length of your hair.

It makes it stand out in a completely different manner and allows you to experiment without fearing an entirely new look – one you or your family and friends may not be able to digest.

5. Brown to Dark Ombre

With naturally dark brown, moving to a darker shade ombre is something you will have fun doing. With the roots remaining the original color and the ends colored into a beautiful ombre, your hair story will transform like never before.

6. Dark Blue on Shorter hair

Unlike the midnight blue dye on your short or long bob, this is attained after completely bleaching your original color and dying your hair into a dark blue.

Few people have the courage or style to pull it off, but if you can do so, you are in for a treat. Not only does it look very stylish and unique, but it also freshens your mood instantly because of its unusual color.

7. Dark Metallic Blue

Metallic blue is another great hair color that is an experiment that you should not ignore. It lives up to its name and gives that unique metallic tinge that looks great on almost anyone.

However, if you are looking to flaunt your metallic blue hair, it seems best with slightly longer hair, wavy but not entirely curly stretched open to be noticed from afar.

8. Dark Neon Blue

Neon colors are rarely experimented because people are generally afraid of how they will turn out. To some, they appear to be very bold, while others can pull them off very courageously in a classy manner. Neon Blue is a color that looks highly sophisticated on shorter hair, slightly wavy but magnificently situated as mermaid’s hair.

Unique and beautiful, you are likely to stand out because not everyone has the guts to show their class the way you can.

9. Black and Dark Blue Highlights

A couple of years ago, full hair dyes were suddenly substituted for highlights, and it was a great transition. While maintaining your darker black hair, you can give it a fresh look with dark blue highlights that you can show off with a new cut.

Be it longer hair or shorter, and your hair will strike people from a distance because of the freshness that it brings with it.

10. Dark Sapphire Blue

Most people have only heard of sapphire as a stone to use in rings, but when its color becomes a shade of hair dye, it looks far more beautiful than it does on your ring finger.

If you have medium length hair, straight and simple looking, this dark sapphire blue is a shade you should include into your hair to give it a new look and help you change things up a bit.

11. Dark Navy Blue Hair

With your hair cut in layers, medium-length, or longer, this navy blue hair color is a must-try. With its unique sense of style and sophistication and formality, it brings with it – this style is something you can place your high bets on.

Be it a movie that you’re going to or an official meeting where you must impress your boss, and you do not have to worry about making a wrong impression.

12. Black to Blue Ombre

Much like the Brown to Blue Ombre, this is yet another style that is a safe bet you can take. If you are not comfortable with an overwhelming transformation, you can opt for this specific hair dye.

While shouting change, it does not completely alter your previous look, allowing for your natural darker black hair to peep through easily.

13. Dark Grey and Blue

It may amaze you to know that very young people are now opting for this specific style because it gives a graceful style to the entire look.

With graying hair and a soft blue application of a hair dye, your otherwise ordinary hair will pop out and look remarkable as you head your way into the next gathering that you have planned.

14. Dark Royal Blue

application stage is because there needs to be an intricate balance associated with it to get the color that you desire.

With a longer mane of darker hair, this royal blue will give you the smartness and chic look you have been searching for.

15. Light Blue On Very Short Hair

A very risky but bold style would be to transform yourself completely. Go for the pixie cut and bleach your hair so you can dye your hair a very light blue.

It may not suit everyone, but it is worth trying for someone brave enough to pull it off. It is more about the confidence you conduct it with than anything else.

16. White to Blue Hair

Another very different style is to dye your hair completely white. With a long work on, you then switch over into three different shades of blue while keeping the roots white.

It may not be the style you are comfortable with, but if you are someone daring enough, it is sometimes a style you should try out.

It’s Worth a Try!

When mixed into your hair, unlike any other dye color, blue dares to change your look completely. And for each hair color and style that you try to pull it off with – it honestly works every time.

It honestly depends on the hairstyle, hair length, and hair color you are most comfortable with. However, if you are trying to be a tad bit rebellious and completely change your look, try going for the riskier options mentioned above.

So, what are you waiting for? Get into a hair salon. Choose a fresh cut to keep your hair healthy, sit back, relax, and let your hairdresser do the blue magic you opt for.

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