8 Best Wall Mounted Hair Dryers In 2020

Wall mount dryer is designed particularly for blow-drying the hair. It can be used at home and commercial centers like the gym, hotels, and hospitals among others

Having wall mounted hair dryers installed either at home or in commercial places is convenient and secure for businesses, clients, and home owners.

Wall mounted hair dryers have two parts that include the dryer base and the blow dryer. From its name, a wall mount dryer is fixed to the wall mounted bottom and attached to the wall.

Continue reading to learn more about the commonly used wall mounted hair dryers.

Conair Wall Mount Hair Dryer

  • Drying power of 1600 Watts
  • The LED Night Light
Andis Wall Mounted Hair Dryer With Night Light

  • HangUp wall-mounted hair dryer with LED light
  • Durable electronic light
Andis HangUp Wall Mount Dryer

  • HangUp 1600 Watts Hair Dryer Mount
  • Wall mounted dryer
Sunbeam Wall Mounted Blow Drier

  • Energy-conserved LED night light with dimmer button
  • Twin wattage at 1200 and 1875 Watts to save energy of about 35%
Jerdon Wall Hair Dryer

  • ALCI protection plug for added safety
  • Two heat settings and two-speed settings
Hamilton Beach Hair Dryer Mount

  • Night light on plug
  • 8-feet coil cable
mDesign Wall Mounted Hair Dryer Bathroom Wall

  • Numerous compartments and sections
  • Haircare tool storage
Hair Dryer Holder Wall Mounted Blow Dryer

  • Adjustable stands
  • Exceptional accessory

8 Best Wall Mounted Hair Dryers – In Depth Reviews

1. Conair Wall Mount Hair Dryer

Conair wall mount hair dryer is one of the popular hair dryers on the market with great features that will offer you all you need. There is much to love about the Conair best wall mount dryer, making it the favorite of all homeowners, hotels, spa, hospitals, and other commercial centers.


Conair wall mount hair dryer is designed for any living space or bathroom size. This best wall mount dryer dries the hair fast, and it can be used to style your hair quickly without any problem.

The powerful airflow delivery motor of the Conair wall mount hair dryer makes it a wise selection for domestic, gym, and hotel use. It clips firmly onto the wall mount and shuts itself off automatically.

With the wall-mount stand holding the hairdryer firmly in position, it is uncomplicated to mount on nearly all surfaces such as a wall or a countertop, including hardware.

Without a doubt, the Conair wall mount hair dryer is all out to provide you with all you need in a suitable and compact hairdryer.

The product comes with a LED light that you can use as a night light. This means rather than turning the light of the bathroom on; you can use the LED night light.


  • It provides all the air you need for drying
  • It’s durable and long-lasting
  • Pretty easy to install on all surfaces including hardware
  • The removable filter makes its maintenance easy


  • Hair that is too close to the dryer can be easily pulled inside the air intake.
  • The compact nature of the dryer is an issue

2. Andis Wall Mounted Hair Dryer With Night Light

Andris wall mounted hair dryer is one of the leading hair dryers for those who appreciate quality and need value for their money. Most users make the wall mounted hair dryer the first on their arsenal because of its excellent and incomparable characteristics.


Andis wall mounted hair dryer is one of the best products with unique features. It is not only built to prevent and safeguard its users against shock but also has an outstanding reputation, and the foremost hairstylists mostly use it.

This wall mounted hair dryer from Andis comes with silence, permanence motor, and sustenance shock protection built into it. Moreover, it has a cool shot switch, two air, and heat settings. The metal mounting plate feature of this hair dryer is designed for safe wall attachment.

The soft, dim light of Andis wall mounted hair dryer offers its users the visibility they need to move about safely. It is also energy effective and cool.

In addition, it features a light and a safe, long-lasting wall mounting cable storage. Andis wall mounted hair dryer stands out because it is not expensive to maintain.


  • Safe wall mounting
  • Three-position button of the dryer
  • Integrated shock protection
  • Inexpensive durable to maintain light
  • Suitable cord storage
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • It is an energy-saving hairdryer


  • Installation is a bit complicating
  • Tiny dryer cable but long power cable. This is not good enough.

3. Andis HangUp Wall Mount Dryer

Andis HangUp Wall Mount Dryer is one of the styling hair dryers of the moment for all hair dryer enthusiasts. It is handy enough for use in any small space while it is great for any bathroom.


Andis 1600 Hang-Up hair dryer mount serves as a great addition to any restroom. The wall mount dryer style is suitable for undersized spaces or where there is no counter space.

Andis hair dryer mount is among the top dryers ever produced by Andis. The hardware of the dryer is durable and safe to use. Also, it has incorporated lifeline protection. The automatic shut-off and the silence durability motors are the two main features that make Andis wall mount dryer stand out. It makes it more secure when it is blow-drying your hair.

Furthermore, it has LED electric light and two speed/heat settings for effective functioning and excellent performance. The long-lasting motor is quieter and more compact in size than its earlier model.

When installed under 48 inches, Andis hair dryer mount is ADA compliant. This wall mount dryer from Andis is one of the best wall mounted dryers ladies can own. The wall attachment of this wall mount dryer is metal mounting, meaning that it will be compact and firm when fixed to the wall as the plate.

Buy this product because it features a new Hanger Loop, and it is Andis latest and ground-breaking improvement for cord storage.


  • The detachable air intake grill makes the dryer easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable electronic light leaves no bulb to change and guarantees no burnout.
  • The hair dryer mount remains cool and conserves energy
  • It is pretty inexpensive to maneuver than other night light hair dryers


  • Andis wall mount dryer has no night light, unlike other wall mount hair dryers with light.
  • The tape mounting of the hairdryer is too short to hold the wall mount dryer
  • The dryer is not very heavy, but the gravity can be an issue over time.

4. Sunbeam Wall Mounted Blow Drier

Sunbeam wall mounted blow dryer is all you need if you are seeking a hair dryer that will meet your standard. The positive reviews from its users revealed that it is comfortable and soft to handle hairdryer.


Are you looking for a high –performance and effectively functioning wall mounted blow dryer? You will not be disappointed with the Sunbeam wall mounted blow dryer. They are one of the early mounted hair dryers. The excellent motor of this dryer makes it a long-lasting product.

The dual wattage feature of Sunbeam wall mounted blow dryer is what makes it incomparable and second to none. With the Sunbeam wall mounted hair dryers, you can easily switch over from 1500 to 1200 watts. You can also save up to 19 percent in power when you use Sunbeam. This feature alone saves you some bulks on your power or electricity bill by switching only. The motor of this Sunbeam product is also super silent.

Furthermore, the tourmaline of Sunbeam wall mounted blow dryer will produce ions for silky, smooth hair. Without mincing words, you will love the state of your hair after using this product.

The hairdryer features hardware that you will use to mount it to the wall. With the 6 feet long cable that comes with the hair dryer, you can stretch it for use anywhere in your bathroom.


  • Many features of a big hair dryer included
  • Tourmaline is available for ions to make your hair looks healthier after using it.
  • It saves energy immensely and can change automatically from 1500 Watts to 1200 Watts
  • Sunbeam wall mounted blow dryer is a modern idea for a wall mounted hair dryer.
  • The product illuminates your bathroom to save energy.
  • The blow dryer is simple to clean
  • Contoured soft handle for comfortable handling


  • Sunbeam wall mounted blow dryer is a bit expensive when compared to other models
  • It lacks diffuser
  • It is only 100 Volts which may not be powerful enough

5. Jerdon Wall Hair Dryer

Wall mount dryer from Jerdon works great, making it one of the best wall mounted hair dryers on the market. It has all the unique features needed for effective functioning. It offers 1600 Watts power while it comes with heat settings that give it more versatility. It is strongly recommended to anyone who is after a high-quality product.


Jerdon wall hair dryer is designed to dry your hair within minutes with its wall mount design. This wall hair dryer comes with an automatic off button for additional safety.

The elegant look of Jerdon wall hair dryer will make your bathroom looks great, cool, and sophisticated. It offers ultimate handiness with its powerful airflow motor, making it ideal for the visitors’ rooms. The controlling setting of Jerdon wall hair dryer is great and includes two heat/speed switches.

More importantly, you will have a safe drying experience with its ALCI safety plug. This safety feature will prevent you from electric shocks.

Also, the ALCI plug feature will keep Jerdon wall hair dryer from getting out of order when there is a power surge or when thunderstorm happen. As far as excellence is concerned, Jerdon wall hair dryer is great. It is one of the best wall mounted hair dryers out there.


  • Jerdon hair dryer is 100% compact and durable.
  • The mounting bracket is highly effective
  • Silky design
  • Pretty long-lasting
  • Powerful wall hair dryer
  • Jerdon wall hair dryer has numerous great features.


  • The cable of this dryer is not coiled
  • It’s just 100 Volts
  • The power cord is too long

6. Hamilton Beach Hair Dryer Mount

Hamilton beach is an effective hair dryer that does as it promises. No wonder it is the best choice of hair dryer lovers. With positive reviews, amazing features, and many benefits of this hair dryer mount, it is recommender to all homeowners and hospitality industries.


All the bathrooms in your hotel necessitate hair dryers. The Hamilton beach hair dryer mount is great and perfect for this purpose. It comes with a detachable air ingestion grille and operates on two heat settings and two-speed settings. Therefore, you can choose the one that best fits your hair.

This product is suitable for dorm, apartments, and hotels. If you are looking for the best hair dryer for your hotel bathrooms, Hamilton hair dryer mount will do the magic.


  • 1500 Watts of power
  • Easy to use and compact.
  • Hamilton beach hair dryer mount is multitasking
  • Longer cable makes it handy enough to be moved about


  • There are complaints that the power cable is excessively long

7. mDesign Wall Mounted Hair Dryer Bathroom Wall

If you want to dry your hair in a unique way, this is the product you need. No wonder it is the choice of all those who love drying their hair.


mDesign wall mounted hair dryer is a bathroom wall drier that performs numerous functions. It is a styling tool and hair care organizer storage basket for straightening the air, curling wand, flat iron, and hair dryer. You will no longer have the problem of difficult to discover hair care tools and twisted cords with this wall mounted hair dryer from mDesign.

Tangled cords and hard to find hair care tools become things of the past with the Hair Care Organizers of mDesign wall hair dryer.

The dryer features many compartments designed for holding all your needed hair tools. Moreover, the base keeps it safe.

mDesign wall mounted hair dryer is wonderful when it comes to storing combs, brushes, curling wands, curling irons, flat irons, and hair dryers. The compact design of mDesign wall hair dryer maximizes the storage you have without the need of venturing into the already limited space in your bathroom.


  • It is worth the price and offers value for your investment
  • It works great as it promises
  • It is simple to mount and ideal for any space.
  • Strong and durable steel and an open-grid design to store your hot dryer safely to cool down.
  • Powerful hardware included
  • All about this mDesign product are simple to access and fits well.


  • There are few complaints about missing hardware package
  • One customer complained that the dryer is tiny to fix to the inside of the inside vanity cabinet door.
  • Not as powerful as claimed
  • It looks uncomfortable and unattractive to hang on the wall

8. Hair Dryer Holder Wall Mounted Blow Dryer

Hairstyling has never been so easy, but with BESTIE BRANDS wall mounted blow dryer, you will find styling your hair easier. You can present this dryer as gifts to people who dry their hair. The hair dryer is guaranteed to function, or you will get your money back. Hence, you have nothing to lose.


Install hair dryer holder wall mounted blow hair dryer at any height of your choice and use your two hands for styling conveniently. The patented design of this wall mounted blow dryer will give you the experience you need in a hands-free hair drying.

They available in different weights and sizes you will ever find in any dryer. Brush and style your hair easily with wall mount blow dryer and never think that you don’t have sufficient hands any longer.

Just make use of the four screws included for mounting your blow dryer to any wall you want. Add the smooth white body wall mounted blow dryer to your bathroom and feel great. Best brands wall mounted blow drier makes a great Christmas, house warming ceremony, wedding, or birthday gift.

Wall mounted blow dryer is great and extraordinary for those who are having broken wrists, hands, or older people who cannot hold a dryer, highly.


  • Its construction is solid
  • Holds the dryer in position without the need of regular readjustment
  • It is studier than some other hair dryers in its category
  • It can quickly be mounted to the wall of your bathroom
  • It is incredible and stays safe on the wall


  • It is a bit pricey

Bottom Line

Wall mounted hair dryers can be tricky to buy, but you can overcome this problem when you read reviews of some wall mounted driers.

The Hair dryer of your choice must have all the essential features of the best wall mounted hair dryer. Establish why and what you want to use the product before making your choice.

From our reviews of wall mount hair dryers above, the best of the 8 products is Conair wall mount hair dryer. It is energy-saving, environmental-friendly, pocket-friendly, convenient to use, safe, and secure. Therefore, it is highly recommended.

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