Best Baby Swings for Small Spaces That Will Make Your Life Better

A baby swing is a must have especially if your baby is a difficult sleeper. The problem is that most baby swings need more space in your room.

Luckily, for you, some baby swing brands can fit in small areas. The swing will soothe the baby to sleep in no time. The baby is not used to staying still even in the womb.

The sing will really help in the first few months, as the baby sleeps, you can focus on ther household chores.

To help you make a great selection, we have baby swings hardly disappointing, and they’ll fit even the least space you have at your home.

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing


The Graco simple sway swing is designed with a narrow compact frame that just fits anywhere in your room. This is for those moms who love keeping their babies close enough even while doing some house chores or sleeping.

The size of an infant swing matters a lot. You don’t want your room looking crowded. You can easily assemble this baby swing.

The narrow frame can fit in most doorways. You can also designate a corner in your home to nestle it.

Source of energy

Most baby swings operate on batteries; this can be expensive in the long run. Considering the price of the batteries and the amount you will use over time. This baby swing can use both battery and electricity.

Plugging it in will save you money. If there is a blackout, then you can always switch to batteries. This baby swing gives you value for your money.

Swing speed

The Graco baby swing moves in a side to side motion. Relaxing and soothing your baby as you carry out other chores.

It comes with a 6 swing speed motion. You have to select between the 6 speeds which one is best for your child.

You should also consider the baby’s mood. If your baby is playful and happy, the swing speed can be set a little higher. If he/she is sleepy, then the swing speed should be slow to soothe the baby to sleep.


The baby seat and harness should be plush and very comfortable. The Graco baby swing features a deep comfortable seat and removable head support.

These keep your baby very relaxed and playful. The designers of this baby swing had the baby’s comfort in mind.

You can focus on other matters knowing that your baby is enjoying his/her time in the bay swing.


Most babies love to play, and if your baby does too then this swing is ideal.

These toys engage your baby for long hours keeping him/her very entertained.

In addition to that, the baby swing comes with about 10 songs, 5 of those are nature sounds. This will amuse and entertain your little one for hours. The sounds will also act as a lullaby to help soothe the baby to sleep.


Since the babies are prone to rolling over and toppling, the safety of the baby in the swing is paramount. The baby swing comes with a five-point harness to secure the baby to the swing.

Even during the swinging motion, the baby is secured to the swing. You don’t have to make it tight, just loosen it a bit so that the baby can still move softly.


  • 6-speed swing, to help soothe the baby
  • 5-point harness, to secure your little one
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fits in small spaces
  • Plays baby sounds
  • Budget-friendly
  • Keeps the baby entertained


  • Slow swinging for heavier babies
  • Head support is too thin
  • Some customer complain the sounds are too loud

Graco Glider LX

Compact baby swing

The size is small so it saves up to 40% of the space in your room. The small frame actually makes it easy to carry it around the house as you try and bond with your baby.

So the Graco glider is flexible enough for you to move with it around the house. The frame is also strong and sturdy to support the weight of the baby.

This makes it very durable which saves you some money in the long run.

Swing speed

It comes with a 6-speed motor, sways back and forth in a front-back direction. This helps soothe your baby. It also features two vibration modes though it is powered by a battery.

You can set the speed and the vibration to correspond with the cuddling motion you use to soothe them to sleep. It can also be plugged in.


The Graco glider is among the best baby swings for small spaces when it comes to entertainment.

It is designed with two toys at the top handle that keeps your baby engaged for hours. The other entertainment feature is baby music and nature sounds.

There are 10 songs to choose from, 5 of those are nature sounds. They will help calm your little one to sleep in no time.

The toys in the handlebar can be adjusted for the baby’s easy access. Choose a position that the baby can reach out to play without him having to stretch.


The baby’s seat is made cozy and soft. This is because he/she will be spending most of their time in the baby swing. There is a soft head pad for the newborn baby.

All these cushions and paddings are removable so that they can be machine washed. One unique feature is that the swing can be adjusted in a reclined position.

If the baby falls asleep in the baby swing, there is no need to wake them up in order to shift them to the bedroom.

You only adjust the position of the baby without waking him up in the process. The baby can sleep in any part of the room where you are this reduces the need to check on the baby.

Timer mode

There is a timer that enables you to set the time you wish the swing to run. It can run on battery on vibration mode or when swinging.

After the set time the swing will stop. This helps save the battery and you save some money needed for battery replacement.


The Graco glider has a 5-point harness that helps secure the baby to the baby swing. The safety of the baby should be a priority when the swing is operating.

The 5-point harness fits the sizes of different babies because some are bigger than others.


  • Timer to automatically turn off the swing
  • 6-speed motor that swings your baby in the front-back direction
  • 5-point harness to secure the baby
  • Adjustable recline position
  • Soft and comfortable seats
  • Small design can fit in most rooms
  • It keeps your baby entertained for hours


  • The vibration mode only runs on battery.

Fischer-price Snugabunny


This is one of the popular baby swings out there in the market. It comes with a plush seat that the baby can be very comfortable inside it. It is good for the baby to nap on it.

The size of the frame is also small; it can fit in any room. You have the option of carrying it when shifting from one room to another, as it weighs less. Reading the assembly instructions is easy.

Assembling the components takes less time. Moreover, the leg frame folds to save up space in a room and also aids in its relocation.

Smart swing

The component is powered by a battery, but it comes with an adapter in case you want to save on battery. The speeds range from low to high speeds.

One unique feature is that this Fischer-Price Snugabunny senses the overall weight of the baby. The weight then determines the speed of the motor.

As the baby grows, the motor needs to match the speeds to the increasing weight. The speeds will remain the same, unlike other swings where the speed becomes slow as the baby gains weight. This is the smart swing technology.

The 120 AC adapter helps you save battery when you are near an electrical outlet. If you are far, then you can switch to the batteries.

The average battery life is 3 hours. The recommended weight is 25 pounds so that the motor can pick up good speeds.


There are plenty of playful features like two swinging motions and a bunny toy. The kids will find the bunny toy very interesting to play with.

This will be their first friend. They can pull the long ears and toss the bunny over. In addition to this, the baby swing comes with inbuilt tunes that will keep them entertained for long.

This also develops the sound discriminative ability of the baby. The toys that fly overhead will keep your baby engaged for hours, as you focus on other pressing matters.

This will develop the baby’s vision, as he/she would be tracking the movement of the toys as they move in a circular direction. There is a mirror included in this set-up. This will amuse your little one.

Recline position

You can choose the adjustment of the baby swing, which in turn determines how it will swing. The swing can be adjusted to face right or left, upwards, etc.

The swing movements will be different for each recline. It can either be sideways or from head to toe. This will help relax the baby or soothe him to sleep.


The 5-point harness makes it safe for the baby to swing in every direction. You as a parent will have the peace of mind.


  • Toys and a bunny for entertainment
  • Different swing directions
  • Adjustable reclining seat
  • Wide base for stability
  • 5-point harness
  • Cozy seats for the baby’s comfort
  • Smart swing technology


  • There is a loud clicking noise as the baby swing is in motion

Fischer-Price deluxe baby swing


The Fischer Deluxe baby swing comes in a foldable design, which makes it easy to carry it around your house. So, if you are looking for a highly-portable best baby swings for small spaces then look no further than this the Fischer.

The instruction manual is easy to understand when assembling this swing. The instructions in the manual are easy to understand.

You can quickly fix it and even convert it into an infant chair. The baby seat is comfortable with soft, cozy seats. This makes them sleep and rest easy on the baby swing. The soft cushion and padding can be removed when dirty and washed.

This helps improve swing hygiene. It is close to the ground for added stability. No matter the speeds, the swing will not tilt or lose stability.


It comes with a lot of toys that helps the baby develop motor skills. There are toys overhead that move in a circle. They have chord strings attached to them, so the baby can reach out to them, but cannot remove the toys.

The other entertainment features are a piano and a keyboard with 5 keys that light up. The piano can produce sound notes. This will keep the baby engaged as he tries to punch some notes.

This goes a long way in developing your little ones sound discriminative abilities. The five repositionable toys include a monkey and elephant clackers just to name a few.

The in-built music is also good, it soothes your baby to sleep, as well as entertaining him.

Smart swing

The motor can manage 6 different speeds when the infant is on the swing. The smart swing technology will automatically sense the baby’s weight and adjust the speeds automatically.

This feature is good so that the speeds don’t decrease as the baby gains weight. It can support babies up to 25 pounds. Above this will slow the speeds even further.

The swing motion is forth and back, this helps rock and soothe the little one as you carry on with other pressing matters. The swing runs on batteries, even on vibration mode.


Safety is paramount, there is a harness to strap your baby on the baby swing. You will have peace of mind even when carrying out other household chores.


The Fischer Deluxe comes with a timer to time the period you would like it to vibrate. The vibration runs on a battery so it will be good for you to use the timer.

This will increase the battery life, save you money on replacing the batteries. The timer can also be used for timing the music, even when you are not around to switch it off it will do this automatically.


  • Smart swing technology
  • Automatic Timer
  • Piano with real sound notes
  • Different toys to play with
  • Safety harness
  • Easy to assemble
  • Folds to save on space


  • There is a loud noise when in motion
  • Timer only lasts 20 minutes
  • Runs exclusively on batteries.

Ingenuity comfort 2


The size of the ingenuity comfort 2 is small and close to the ground. The small size makes it a good fit in most rooms in your house.

You can also move it around the room, as it fits in most doorways. It is about 2 feet in height, this increases the stability of the baby swing as it sways.

One unique feature is that the baby swing can fold up to save on space. You can fit it on the traveling bag, you can take it with you as you travel away from home.

The seat features plush polyester cushions with a removable headrest. The whole fabric can be removed for cleaning. The instruction manual makes it easy to assemble the components.

You don’t require any tool to assemble, the components are made in such a way that everything clicks into place. The swing is available in different colors.


The baby is kept engaged and entertained as you attend to other pressing matters. There are plush toys just above the baby’s head.

This will help the child develop the necessary motor skills as he tries to reach out for the toys, in addition to visual skills, the music soothes the baby to sleep in a few minutes on the baby swing.

Incredible Performance

The motor powering the baby swing is 6-speed. It features a true speed technology, which helps the baby swing maintain the speeds even after the baby grows and becomes heavier.

The swing runs in two directions. This weight sensing technology, makes the motor retain the same operational power after the baby gains weight.

You will expect it to slow down, but it won’t. The baby will get the same relaxing experience he/she was used to back then.

The swing is battery powered, so you don’t need to worry if you are not close to a power outlet. You can take it around the house with you.


You can set the built-in timer at 30, 45 and 60 minutes. You don’t need to be around to switch the baby swing off after the baby sleeps.

You will carry on with other duties knowing that your little one will sleep and the swing will turn off automatically. This timer is convenient for you, at this price range.

Recline position

The swing has a recline position that you can adjust according to your preference. The baby can play in different positions or even sleep on the baby swing.

This feature is also good in weight distribution, making it a comfortable baby swing.


There is a safety harness on which you can strap your baby. It reduces the chances of your baby falling off the swing while it is in motion.


  • Safety harness
  • True speed technology for maximum operation power
  • In-built timer for 30, 45 and 60 minutes
  • Adjustable recline position
  • Foldable design, good for those who are traveling
  • Available in different colors


  • Small, so the baby overgrows the swing
  • Loud noise when in operation
  • The location of the toy bar makes it a bit hard when taking the child in and out of the baby swing.

Which is the best baby swings among 5 products?

There are some factors to consider when purchasing a baby swing, the space in your house will determine how you want the swinging motion to be. It can either be front to back or sideways.

Go for the front to back, as they don’t require that much clearance. The ability to fold should be an added advantage.

Most features are actually the same for all swings, but the most important feature should be either inclusion of a timer, or a smart swing technology.

The ability to be plugged in also comes in handy to save you the expenses of buying batteries.

Considering the above factors, the Fischer price Snugabunny stands above the pack. It comes with the smart swing technology that senses the baby’s weight.

The speeds will remain the constant as the baby grows. It can also sing in two directions, making it effective in calming and soothing your little one.

The base is also wide for added stability, not to mention the safety harness to strap your child.

The most important aspect of this Snugabunny baby swing is that it keeps your baby engaged for long. There is bird shaped toys flying around, a motorized mobile and a bunny with long ears.

Your baby will be engaged for hours as you focus on other pressing matters. I highly recommend you to purchase this baby swing for your little one.

Bottom Line

Having baby swings contributes to the baby’s well-being by developing their different abilities like visual skills. They also save you time so that you can carry out other household duties.

In order for you to bond well with your child, you should take him/her with you as you carry out other duties.

Besides, these baby swings occupy small spaces. Your room should not look overcrowded. Toys on the swing will amuse and entertain the baby for long.

Any of these top 5 best baby swings for small spaces will make a great selection depending on your preferences. Get one from today and you might never regret your decision.

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