The Benefits of Birdwatching for Kids

The Benefits of Birdwatching for Kids

Birdwatching, an evergreen pastime, is often regarded as “not so cool” by most kids and teens these days. And, what’s more shocking as parents is- watching them stuck in the bedrooms with their favorite gadgets and gaming gears instead of involving in healthy hobbies with neighborhoods.

Anyway, if you are one of those parents concerned about your kids being gadget-freak and looking for a healthy alternative, you’ve landed at the right place!

The Benefits of Birdwatching for Kids

Birdwatching can benefit your kids in a number of ways, including the awareness of nature, which has become a demand of recent times. In addition, here are a few notable benefits your kids and teens can attain when they set out in nature with the birding binocular. Let’s check them out in brief:

Connects with Nature:

The very first thing birdwatching does is— it connects the birders with nature and encourage them to explore more. And, birders get started paying close attention to nature and learn more about different other animals, plants, and the overall ecosystem.

Thus, with time, bird watchers end up becoming a naturalist and feel more connected with mother nature.

Teaches Environmental Responsibility:

One of the most mentionable things birding does is— it makes the kids more aware of their environmental responsibilities. They also get the opportunity to learn about the green revolution, its importance, and their duties to nature and other living beings in the ecology when they grow up.

Develops Attention to Details:

You will be surprised to know that there are around 10,500 bird species in the world. And many of them look almost identical. So it becomes difficult to identify a particular species sometimes without paying close attention to details like shape, size, color, markings, calls, etc.

And, what is more surprising is- you may encounter a change in plumage even within the same species of bird depending on sex, stage of development, and the season. As a result, your little one will develop the practice of paying close attention to details to distinguish between species as they entitle themselves as a birder.

Improves Mental and Physical Health:

Kids nowadays hardly go out in nature, exercise, and get fresh air which is essential for the smooth development of their physical and mental health. Birdwatching in this regard can play a vital role in taking them back to nature and developing a healthy habit at the same time.

Besides, birding in the wild will also provide them with an opportunity to keep themselves physically fit without rigorous exercise. Moreover, spending some time and energy in nature searching for locating and observing birds can boost emotional health as well.

Requires Less Equipment to Get Started:

Birdwatching is one of the simplest hobbies to pursue and doesn’t require much equipment to get started. Yes, you read it right! A decent pair of birding binoculars, a field guide or reference book, and a checklist are all your kids need to go in nature and start birding.

However, you can check out a complete birdwatching equipment list here if you want to know more.Here is a birding binocular you can consider:

OBUBY Real 8X21 Binoculars for Kids Review

This particular pair of Obuby binoculars are compact, easy to carry, built with lightweight yet durable material, and designed for kids between 3 to 12 years of age to explore the world around them.


It comes with a superb 8X power magnification that offers sharper imaging, while the 7.2-degree viewing angle ensures a comfortable wide-field view. Besides, it has the BAK 4 FMC prism lens in the core to control optical reflection and produce a colorful and vivid image of the target object.

Additionally, it has a durable polycarbonate plastic-made core with a soft rubber-armored exterior that absorbs shock when dropped and offers better protection of the lens. In short, with all the essential features, OBUBY Real Binoculars are the perfect piece for birdwatching and wildlife exploring for kids.

Product Highlights:

Compact & Portable:

First of all, this pair of Obuby Binoculars of Kids is comparatively lightweight due to its compact construction with durable polycarbonate plastic. So, it’s easy to carry, and your little one can slide them into the backpack.

Real Feel Binoculars:

Like the professional binoculars, this mini one has an easy-to-adjust center knob to match the eyepieces perfectly. Besides, it has an easy focus feature up to 122ft/1000 yards.

Crystal Clear View with 8X Zoom:

This mini binocular has 8X high-resolution magnification feature along with a 7.2-degree viewing angle which ensures a more comprehensive field view. On the top, the objective lens of this binocular features an FMC prism green multi-layer film coat that controls optical reflection and creates more vivid images.

Ergonomic Design with Safety Features:

The eyepieces of the binoculars are surrounded with soft rubber masking to protect the eyes and face of your little one. In addition, it features an ergonomically designed no-slip grip to fit the hands with more comfort.

Shock Proof:

The binocular comes with a high-quality polycarbonate plastic construction with a rubber-armored exterior that helps to absorb shock and prevents damage if it accidentally slips off the hands. As a result, you can expect a comparatively longer lifespan for sure.

Designed to Serve Multiple Purposes:

This particular pair of binoculars by Obuby has been designed to accompany your kids when having outdoor fun. The easy to focus feature makes it the perfect eyepiece for kids no matter whether they are birdwatching, hiking, hunting, exploring outdoor, nature, or even enjoying sports, theatre, and concerts.


  • Features high-resolution 8X magnification lenses for crisp and colorful images
  • Ergonomic design with lightweight yet durable material
  • Equipped with the shockproof rubber-armored exterior for a longer lifespan
  • Easy to adjust center knob for the perfect fit


  • Non-adjustable neck strap

Bottom Line

When we are about to conclude, we expect that you read between the lines and come to know the key benefits of birdwatching for kids. Now, It’s your turn to take the kids back to nature while putting a limit on the electronic gadgets they might be using. Happy outing!

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