Best 3-Barrel Hair Crimpers 2022

Best 3-Barrel Hair Crimpers 2022

The latest player on the hair tool scene is the triple barrel curling iron. With a full range of temperatures and instant heating, you can lock in a full head of beachy waves in mere minutes.

Because these hair tools have ceramic barrels that distribute heat evenly, they are safe for all hair types. Tourmaline coatings counteract positive ions in dry, damaged hair while locking in moisture and preventing frizz.

Our Recommend – 3 Best Triple Barrel Curling Iron

  • Heats to 410°F in 60 seconds
  • LCD display gives you precise temperature control
  • Seven-foot cord allows for greater maneuverability

  • Quickly heats to 420°F
  • Specially designed larger middle barrel
  • This waving wand has 30 different temperature settings

  • Heats to desired temperature in 30 seconds flat
  • Has both 410°F and 356°F temperature settings for damage-free heating and styling
  • Barrels emit negative ions that make hair look shiny and glossy

3 Best Triple Barrel Curling Iron Reviews

If you want flawless mermaid waves quickly and effortlessly, this styling tool can be a game-changer. Let’s review three triple barrel waving irons currently trending on Amazon:

1. Alure Triple Barrel Curling Iron

The Alure Triple Barrel Curling Iron comes in soft pink with dark gray accents. It’s a great option if you travel abroad because it’s lightweight and has dual voltage. The extra-long cord rotates 360 degrees for tangle-free waves and easy styling. On the other hand, the tool is a bit clunky, and you’ll have to adjust to reading the temperature in Celsius.



  • Insulated barrel tips stay cool to prevent burns
  • Handle has ridges for a firm and slip-free grip
  • The Alure is currently Amazon’s best-selling hair tool


  • Temperature display is in Celsius
  • The tool has a Teflon coating
  • Costs a bit more than some of the other wave irons

2. Revlon 3 Barrel Waver

The Revlon 3 Barrel Waver looks sleek in black and silver. Nevertheless, it’s quite large and heavy for a hair tool. This waving iron also has a 360 degree swivel cord, and with 30 different heat settings that go up to 420°F, you can customize the temperature according to your hair type.



  • One-inch ceramic tourmaline triple barrels deliver even and consistent heat
  • Swivel cord makes styling easier
  • Locked hanging ring permits safe and convenient storage when the tool is not in use


  • No temperature display
  • Higher cost
  • Tips of the Revlon 3 Barrel Waver tool get hot and could cause burns

3. MODVICA 3 Barrel Wave Wand

The MODVICA 3 Barrel Wave Wand, which is also pink, has only two temperature settings. Nevertheless, the lower setting of 356°F has been shown to be safe for all hair types including hair that’s fine, color-treated or damaged. The higher setting of 410°F should only be used on hair that is extremely coarse or curly.



  • Ceramic coating delivers high heat evenly
  • Lower temperature setting won’t damage delicate or color-treated hair
  • Most affordable wave iron


  • Can be hard to maneuver due to its large size and bulky design
  • Only two temperature options are available
  • Buttons on the handle are easy to push unintentionally

Are Triple Barrel Curling Irons Safe for All Hair Types?

Triple barrel curling irons are safe for all hair types when used correctly. Heating tools are not inherently harmful. Rather, it’s improper use that causes trouble.

The latest heating tools have temperatures of 400°F or more. You might assume that the higher the heat, the better the results. However, the opposite is true. Researchers have found that heating tools set to 365°F caused no damage whatsoever to curly hair.

The investigators also tested heating tools set to 428°F on curly hair. They found that this level of heat damaged the hair in 75 percent of the sample. ?Heat damage is irreversible. The only way to fix it is to cut it off or grow it out.

Fortunately, you can easily avoid damaging your hair with high heat by using hair heating tools with care and by keeping the temperature at 365°F or below. Don’t forget to use protectant before applying heat. If you don’t have protectant, hair spray is better than nothing.

How Do You Use a Triple-Barrel Curling Iron?

1. Start with clean, dry hair

Wash and air dry hair the night before to eliminate blow drying. Make sure your hair is completely dry before applying heat.

2. Use a protectant

The best protectants cover each hair with a silicon coating that guards against heat damage. Hairspray works too, but unless your hair is oily, it may leave your hair feeling dry.

3. Apply a curl enhancer

Along with making waves last longer, curl enhancers can help very straight hair to hold a wave. They also counteract frizz caused by humidity.

4. Part your hair into sections

Secure the top half of your hair on top of your head with a clip. Have additional clips handy to separate the bottom of your hair into sections.

5. Make waves

Holding the triple barrel curling iron in a horizontal position, open the clamp and grip the top of a section between the barrels and the clamp for about five seconds. Open the clamp and move down the section until the entire section is wavy.

For a beachy look, start waves a few inches down from the roots. For a more elaborate look, start waves closer to the roots.

Begin each new wave by lining up the first barrel of the iron with the last indent you made. After completing the bottom sections, repeat the process with the hair on top.

6. Do not disturb

After making a wave, leave it alone. The wave will lock into place as it cools. After your hair is completely waved and cooled, spritz it lightly with hairspray to set the waves.

7. Complete your look

Turn your head upside down and gently shake your hair. Toss your head back and run your fingers lightly and gently through the waves for a look that’s natural and effortless.

What Does a Triple-Barrel Curling Iron Do?

If you’re craving mermaid waves but haven’t been able to create them with your existing hair tools, the triple-barrel curling iron may be your ticket to the voluminous waves you’ve always wanted.

One outstanding feature of this hair tool is that it’s fast. It makes waves in a hurry, and that means less heat on your hair and less time preparing yourself to face the world..

With three barrels, this tool can perform three times the work of a single-barrel tool in the same amount of time. It can quickly work through long and thick hair while delivering consistent overall results. Triple barrel irons also wave larger sections of hair at one time, and that reduces styling time even more.

Three barrel wave irons are larger than single-barrel irons, and some users find them unwieldy. However, their larger size is what gives them the ability to make more waves in half the time.

Which Triple Barrel Curling Iron Is the Best?

I like the MODVICA 3 Barrel Wave Wand. At $23.99, it’s the most affordable. Settings of 356°F and 410°F allow you to prevent heat damage with the lower setting or use the higher setting if your hair is extremely coarse or hard to curl.

The MODVICA is also the most bulky iron, so if ease of handling is important to you, the Revlon 3 Barrel Waver or the Alure Triple Barrel Curling Iron might be a better option.