Athlon Neos G2 VS SkyGenius 10×50 – Which is the Best for Birding?

Athlon vs. SkyGenius Birding Binocular

Finding the Best Birding Binocular from hundreds of available options is indeed a daunting job, especially for novice birders. And, it becomes more challenging sometimes when you have to decide between just two among the best.

Anyway, if you are one of those birders struggling to choose between Athlon Neos G2 HD Binocular and SkyGenius 10 x 50 Birding Binocular, this post is absolutely for you. Let’s get started!

Athlon Optics VS SkyGenius 10×50 Binocular – Quick Comparison

All-rounder Optics Perfect for Multipurpose Use at a Reasonable Price

Affordable and Perfect for Novice Birder to Get Started anytime

Athlon Neos G2 HD Binocular Review

In short, it’s an all-rounder optic perfect for regular use like birdwatching, hunting, hiking, and pretty much all sort of outdoor activities that require binoculars.



  • Features high-resolution 8X magnification lenses for brighter and sharper image
  • Solid design with composite polycarbonate material
  • 17mm long eye relief


  • Nothing mentionable

Athlon Neos G2 8×42 is one of the most popular entry-level binoculars offered by the proud American brand Athlon Optics within its Athlon Neos G2 line-up. It comes with an 8x magnification along with comparatively large 42mm lenses that offer a bright and steady image.

This particular piece has been designed with BaK4 Glass Prisms that allow more light to reflect and offer a sharper and brighter image. In addition, the multi-coated optics inside this binocular helps to reduce reflected light while increasing the transmission of light in rough weather, low-light situations, etc., to ensure a more detailed image than single-coated lenses.

The long (17mm) eye relief in Athlon Neos G2 8×42 ensures that you get a full image of your target object without the dark rings on the edges. And, it has made binocular more comfortable for people who wear eyeglass. Considering all these, Athlon Neos G2 8×42 is a great optic to enhance your viewing experience in different environments and conditions.

In short, it’s an all-rounder optic perfect for regular use like birdwatching, hunting, hiking, and pretty much all sort of outdoor activities that require binoculars.

Product Highlights:

Vivid Image with 8X Zoom:

This particular binocular by Athlon Optics is designed with BaK4 Glass Prisms combined with multi-coated optics that allows more light to penetrate through the lens. And, at the same time, control the reflection to create a brighter as well as sharper image of your target object.

Longer Eye Relief:

The binocular has comparatively long (17mm) eye relief which can be of great use for people with eyeglasses who often struggle to see the entire field of view with regular optics.

Twist-Up Eyecups with Rubber-Armor Exteriors:

This Athlon Optics binocular comes with a composite polycarbonate body and rubber armor finish. It also features Twist-up Eyecups with intermediate stops so that you can easily set the eyecups to your preferred eye relief.

Close Focus:

If you are a nature observer or outdoor explorer, you will be impressed by this binocular’s 13.1 ft Close Focus feature for sure.

Water & Fog Proof:

This O-ring sealed binocular is watertight, and the nitrogen gas inside makes it fog proof as well.


Despite being fully packed with all the necessary features, this pair of binocular is really affordable. You can certainly seal the deal with this one by Athlon Optics birding binocular under $100.

SkyGenius 10 x 50 Birding Binocular Review

If you are looking for a powerful binocular at a pocket-friendly price, the SkyGenius 10 x 50 Birding Binocular can be the right choice for sure. And, this solidly built pair of SkyGenius optics is perfect for a number of outdoor activities, including bird watching, hunting, hiking, climbing, camping, traveling, and even astronomical viewing.



  • Comes with high-resolution 10X magnification power and large apertures
  • Decent built with odorless rubber armor finish
  • Adjustable fold-down eyecups


  • Water resistant not Waterproof

This particular pair has been designed with Porro Prism BK-7 lenses to offer a wide field of view and crystal clear image. And, with the 10x magnification power, you will be able to explore more of the things around you that are beyond the reach of your bare eyes.

Along with the 50mm objective lenses, this SkyGenius binocular comes with an anti-reflection coating. As a result, you can expect to have a clearer and sharper image of the target object. Considering all these, SkyGenius 10 x 50 can be the best birding binocular for the money!

Product Highlights:

Powerful 10X Magnification:

This SkyGenius birding binocular comes with 10X magnification power combined with a 50mm large objective lens. It also features 367ft/1000 yds large field of view, which makes it the perfect optics for tracking fast-moving subjects. So, you can consider this piece for bird watching, outdoor exploring, hunting, racing, and other sports events, etc.

Quality Optics with Low Light Vision:

Aspherical lenses combined with multi-layer coating ensures superb light transmission and improve contrast, brightness, and the quality of the image even in low light conditions.

Durable Built with Anti-Slip Grip:

The binocular has a solid structure finished with odorless rubber armor. And, the combination made the piece shock-resistance and offer an anti-slip grip.

Easy Focus & Adjustable Eye Cups:

One of the most appreciated features of this particular binocular is its focus knob. It’s comparatively large and pretty smooth to operate, and absolutely easy to focus. Moreover, the binocular comes with easy-to-adjust fold-down eyecups to set at proper eye relief.

Bottom Line

When we are about to conclude the comparison, we expect you to read between the lines and get to know the ins and outs of both binoculars. Now, if you are looking for an all-rounder optics ready to serve multiple purposes, Athlon Neos G2 HD 8X42 is the best birding binocular under $100.

Again, if you just want to get started and planning to go for something inexpensive yet provide with a great value for the money, SkyGenius 10X50 Birding Binocular can be a decent choice for sure.

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