Airpods – How to Clean Them

How to clean AirPods in easy steps. It’s easier than you think to clean your AirPods. The same AirPods last a lifetime if they’re cleaned properly. You need a few precautions and some common sense, and you can enjoy the years of use and enjoyment of your pair of AirPods.

What not to avoid when cleaning your AirPods: 

Anything metal. This includes cleaning any metal tool, such as pliers. Doing so would scratch the case and other sensitive parts and could damage the plastic itself. 

Doing it with anything else may damage your hearing as well. The best way is to clean AirPods in a way that leaves no space for anything foreign to stick to them.

What to use when you need to clean AirPods: 

You will need a clean, soft microfibre cloth and a small amount of isopropyl vinegar. Start by rinsing the ear canal with a microfibre cloth. Dip the tip of the cloth into the alcohol, then press gently into the ear canal. 

Do not forget to rinse the cloth thoroughly. Do not press too hard, as you can cause permanent damage to the earphones. Once you have done this, gently move the cloth over the outer rim of the charging case, then move it up towards the inner part of the ear.

Do the best ways to clean AirPods: 

Rinse thoroughly, but not too thoroughly, with cold water. Place the microfibre cloth and isopropyl alcohol into the water. After this, all that’s left to do is carefully wipe away any excess residue from the alcohol and cotton bud.

You should also ensure that the ear cushions are completely dry, as any moisture in them will easily soak into the ear cushions and cause damage.

How to clean an airport that’s fallen onto the ground:

Once you have washed your microfibre cloth and isopropyl vinegar, carefully wipe any dirt or dust particles from the airport’s surface. This way, they can continue to function as normal. If the dirt has severely damaged any of the inner parts of the airport, likely, they won’t be able to function again. 

So it is essential that you carefully take care of any damage that has occurred. If the damage is severe, or if the person cannot handle the dirt, consider investing in a new microfibre cloth and tap to dry off any debris before proceeding to clean the airport again.

Use a steady, even motion to avoid getting the microfiber wet. Do not, however, use too much force, as this can cause the microfiber to become torn. Once you have removed as much of the dirt as possible, you can put the items inside the case, tie a knot, and then store them in a sealed bag.

How to clean AirPods max: 

When the time comes to remove your airport, you will need to use the same process for the microfibre cloth. However, instead of dampening the cloth with cold water, use hot water instead.

Wring out the excess water until it is barely damp. Then, gently shake out the dirt from the headphones using the microfibre attachment and a rubber band.

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